What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide to Not Putting a Foot Wrong
What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide to Not Putting a Foot Wrong

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide to Not Putting a Foot Wrong

You may wear those joggers, chinos, and cargo pants, but jeans would always be the most getaways sticks for men. However, when there are formal events, you may not want to go for denim, whereas you do not want to go wrong as well for this. There is always a possibility that you may go wrong in it when you select footwear and wear the wrong jeans with it. If you wear smart shoes with denim, it may look like you are going to the worst nightclub of your life. If you were the flip flop, and you appear to be confused. These two perspectives are only the endings of the wide range of misstepping scale. All you need to do is go in the right direction, for sure we would guide you. 

How to wear Derbies with Jeans 

When jeans came out first in 1873, their function was somehow different than it is today. You can wear denim jeans for labor work and may look practical but not smart. Even if you wear leather shoes with it, it still might have the chance for inappropriateness for sure. However, if you consider wearing it leather shoes with jeans, make sure there are no turn-ups. It is black in color and slim in size. If you go for Derbies, they may look better because they are chunkier that gives a perfect look with jeans. Those black derbies would be a smarter choice with mid-blue jeans because it would act as a safe bet for you. 

How to wear Brogues with Jeans 

Even if considered to be a bit formal than trainers, they are still used on casual days. They were created for farmers to jump through the muddy field, and that is why they suit much more to tweedy rural weddings and business casual. The less the detail, the more formal they may appear. Those holes in them make them look casual. Black brogues would be good for formals, and the lighter color toned brogues would be casual wears. They look better with the casual indigo denim while matching with the jeans stitching. 

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How to wear Minimalist Sneakers with Jeans 

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide by GentWith Blog

You can hardly look bad in minimalist sneakers. All you observe is the boot cut with the jeans. If you want to trip, the cropper is a good silhouette as lighter canvas styles would balance with the heavy-duty jeans either they are straight or wide-legged. Else the long, skinny and thin thigh tops would only help you look like a bit awkward. If you want them to look formal, keep them clean, as simple as that it is. 

How to wear Penny Loafers with Jeans 

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide by GentWith Blog

You wear penny loafers, and it looks like money on shoes. They are Ivy League staple, and it is considered as a new form of currency for the street wear sneaker-head fans. Do not go for the wide leg opening with these as it would come as stubby. Better to go with cropped and pin-rolled jeans.

How to wear Monk Straps with Jeans 

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide by GentWith Blog

They look the best when you are in the phase of mid and late naughties. Considered as solid footwear, you may want to add the formality of Oxfords to it. That hardware makes them come off casual and looks great with riveted denim. You may want to go for the mid-brown dub-monk with a mid to light blue pair of jeans for it. You may even look like as a street style photographer at Pitti Uomo. Look out for the texture because it can help you rise up your game as well! 

How to wear Chelsea Boots with Jeans 

What Shoes to Wear with Jeans: A Complete Guide by GentWith Blog

Those black Chelsea boots would look pretty much Oxfords like formals when riskily worn with straight-legged indigo denim. If worn with black or grey jeans, you would look like a person who is in some band. You would only be able to hit the high notes while wearing the Chelsea boots if your heels would act like the real kicker. They sway with distressed jeans with great tones of them.

How to wear High-Tops with Jeans

When you do not want to buy shorter jeans for casual playing games days. Even if you save money, you may simply want to roll your jeans on the top of your sneaks, not more than twice. Roll the jeans once to keep the vibe alive. 

How to wear Desert/Chuka Boots with Jeans 

The more waistcoat you will have, the more formal you will look. The suede shoes have softer tops and soles than any other shoe styles, yet they are rugged. They were worn by the American soldiers in North Africa during WWII. You could wear then with shorts to suits according to the environment around but would be the best with jeans. Roll up your jeans to the ankle and make sure they look as versatile as they are supposed to be. 

How to wear Work/Hiking Boots with Jeans

The ups and downs of fashion trends keep the market on fire. The hiking boots would fit great in the casual lumberjack camp. You can wear the work wear origins of your jeans that could be faded or indigo. It would help you to elaborate that you have done the work of the day. For wiser legged denim, chunkier boots look much better. To have the vintage vibe, have the oversized cuff jeans. 

How to wear Dad Trainers with Jeans 

You are not supposed to break the norm of this. The jeans that you old guy wore while cleaning the car would look great with those dad trainers. Those jeans are wide, straight with a high-rise having stonewash on it. The perfect daddy cool look. 



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