DO’s and DONT’s for Men Wedding Guest Attire
DO’s and DONT’s for Men Wedding Guest Attire

DO’s and DONT’s for Men Wedding Guest Attire

Whenever a couple tends to send the message of their wedding, it is always wrapped with sheer excitement. The other excitement of the coupled lies in deciding what to wear. Also, and how to look on their big day according to the festivities. Here in this post, we would talk about some tips about the guest attire on the wedding day. Although in other casual days, fashion works its way around. When it is about the big day of someone’s life, then you may want to consider how to look stylish and perfect according to the event. The Black-tie, Formal, Cocktail including Semi-Formal, and Casual wedding dress codes are the ones that are discussed below as they are highlighted categories for the wedding affairs. 

Black-Tie Wedding Guest Attire 

When you know by the clue that the couple is planning for a Black-tie wedding, you already know what would be the rock and roll for the day. It means that to keep your tuxedo ready for the occasion. It’s best when you are sticking with the tradition along with your personal style a bit. This really means that you would be wearing the tuxedo jacket, pants and now tie along with it. You can input personal style via the dress shirt, the lapel pin, even the bow tie, and the shoes


Men Wedding Guest Attire by

Black Tie Blue Tuxedo by GentWith


  • Wear a tuxedo in a blue or midnight blue color. The word Black has highlighted; hence it means that black colored attire would be a must. But if you try to go with any other color, then keep its shade as dark as possible.
  • Wear patent leather, velvet oxfords, or loafer shoes.  As these make the best combination with the attire, the rest of the shoe types would look highly inappropriate for the occasion. 
  • Wear a collared dress shirt. Any other types of shirts would be highly unacceptable and would not be compatible with the attire. If it works out with the venue and theme of the wedding, tuxedo shirts could be considered then. 


    • Wear an ivory or white dinner jacket. Because these should be only for the groom so that he could stand out. 
    • Wear floral boutonniere. It is better to wear a stylish pin instead of the floral boutonniere because only the wedding attendants and groom wear it. 
    • Intentionally upstage groom or the attendants with your apparel. It is better to keep your game a bit low and less detailed and let the Man of the Hour shine on his day. 

Formal Wedding Guest Attire 

When it comes to a formal wedding, then a tuxedo could be considered just like a Black-tie dress, or you can have other options as well. Any dark solid colored suit could be worn at a formal wedding. 

Men Wedding Guest Attire by

Burgundy Tuxedo by GentWith


  • Wear a dark tuxedo or suit. These dark shaded colored suits and tuxedos are the best for formal weddings. 
  • Wear a necktie or bow-tie. It is not really necessary, but if you want to wear one, you may. 
  • Wear a collared dress shirt. Just like in Black-tie dress, and other shirts are not acceptable. A different color, pattern, or textured dress shirt may be considered so that you can show your personal style. 


  • Wear casual shoes. Because being formal, dress shoes do their job well here. 
  • Mix and match suiting separates. As it would only worsen your outlook to the other, hence a full suit is always the best. 
  • Wear a floral boutonniere. Just like the Black-tie wedding, the stylish pins are highly encouraged here as well because these are reserved for the groom and wedding attendants.
  • Intentionally upstaging the groom or attendants with your apparel. Because just like any other wedding, the groom has the only right to shine bright on the wedding day.  

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Cocktail (Semi-Formal) Wedding Attire for Guests 

Like previously described wedding attire, you may have more freedom in what you might want to wear. You may not even need a necktie because it is about looking chic and right into modern fashion. But you need to clay because it is still a wedding. 


  • Wear a suit. Apart from the other attire, the Navy blazers and sport coats are much more appreciated and popular because it is all about being comfortable while dancing at night. 
  • Wear a necktie. Because to look formal, it is still a better way to look like you at attending a wedding, and if no one else is wearing it, you can slip it in your jacket’s pocket. 
  • Accessorize your look. You can add in as many accessories with sophisticated jewelry you want because it would show your personal style.


  • Wear a tuxedo. It is worn when there are formal occasions, and the cocktail wedding is not formal for sure. 
  • Wear jeans. It makes you look like you are passing just another casual day, so it is better to say no to jeans and save it for another day. 
  • Wear clothes having rips, holes, and tears. Because cocktail attire is supposed to be dress-to-impress, so these rips and tears are not appreciated. 

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Casual Wedding Guest Attire 

It is considered to be the broadest on the occasions of weddings. But it is confusing because everyone has a different definition of casual. All you need to do is gather the clues from the invitation. 

The venue and time of the day can serve as a definite parameter to work your way off. 

Men Wedding Guest Attire by

Outfit by GentWith


  • Wear suit pants or chinos. These are considered to be great options, specifically when it is a summertime wedding. In cold weather, lightweight wool trousers are the best. 
  • Wear a printed shirt. Patterns of plaid, stripes, and covered patterns are suitable for casual wear. 
  • Add color to your look. Apart from dark colors, little light colors are better for casual weddings. 


  • Wear a t-shirt. As casual it may sound, it is still better to go for a polo shirt or any short sleeves shirt. 
  • Wear a necktie. Banded collar shirts with buttons fastened are much fine for the casual look. 
  • Wear open-toe shoes or flip flops. If it is not a beach wedding, then wear loafers, oxfords, or any closed to-toe shoes without socks.

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