About Us

About Us

GENT WITH is a global men’s wear platform. Founded by designers from the Fashion Industry in 2019, the company aims at providing a one-stop shopping experience with all latest trends and sizes you need. Suits/Tuxedos don’t have to cost more than $1,000 just for a brand name, we know—we come to revolutionize fashion industry to what it should be:

High quality suits/Tuxedos that can be worn for years at affordable price. 

Our fashion consultants are more than happy to help you find an outfit within your budget for any occasion. We can answer your questions regarding style, fit, size, etc.

Not sure where to begin? Your size is a good starting point, so check out our Sizing Guide. Write us an email or a whatsapp, if you have any questions. 

Your satisfaction and style are the highest priorities. We hope to be your go-to place for men’s wear shopping.


Our men’s fashion inventory also provides a large variety of men’s blazers, coats, jackets, vests, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, pants, shoes, and accessories.

Please feel free to contact the customer service department with any questions.

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