Bowtie Ideas to wear with Formal Attire

Bowtie Ideas to wear with Formal Attire by GentWith Blog

When one is opting to go for a formal attire on an event, one of the most eye-catching accessories for him is to have a bowtie on him because bowtie is considered to be an article of formal clothing for men that he could wear on those type of occasion mostly. Back in the day, it was considered to have plenty of hidden messages with it but the main purpose of it was to grab the attention of people around the man. This attention could be both, better and worse, both of them. Men tend to use bowtie when they do not want to wear those common ties to the events because that is the super-easy way to make yourself stand out of the crowd. People even consider it like the person who wears a bowtie is not afraid to show and express himself along with taking risks. 

If you have never tried a bowtie before, this article would be the best read for you because there would be history along with the instructions with what you are supposed to do and what not and lastly, the insights of the bowtie in usual. 

History of the Bowtie 

The Croatian mercenaries belonging from the Prussians were the one to introduce the concept of the bowties during the 17th century. The French soldiers loved this style so much that they brought it with them to their homeland. After that, this fashion style was worn by the upper class only. However, this style was not much highlighted around the globe till then. Later in the 19th century, the bowties became an important part of the men formalwear. The style was quite moulded into the form till 19th century and has been like that since then and we see that in our daily lives. Although it took quite some time to make it a part of a casually worn accessory from the strictly formal accessory in clothing so that it could be worn at any time and any event. 

When to Wear a Bowtie 

Some people tend to argue about whether it is appropriate to wear a bowtie or not. A couple of them say that it is the best for formal occasions only whereas the others see it as a part of clothing which is versatile pretty much and could be worn in many situations and events. After much research, it could be said that it is a workable option for any kind of occasion but at some point, there are a couple of exceptions to it. The example of the black-tie could be taken which looks the best on the black the events or on the uniforms only. On the other hand, the ties which have colour or pattern in it are not supposed to be worn at the black-tie events at all unless it is a wedding, a prom etc. 

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Dos & Don’t’s

You have to make sure that bowtie you are going for is tied perfectly because it tends to catch much attention from the surroundings. So it is better to not make it look tacky in case of negative attention. 


  • The bow of the tie should always be straight in the horizontal form because they can easily turn so try to keep a check on it now and then in front of the mirror. 
  • It would be better to not go for the ties which are bigger than your neck size and would make you look like a clown at any event.  The width should be 5 inches or less whereas the length is great for 3 inches or even less. 
  • As they make a statement for your attire, you are not supposed to wear them with the dress shirts. They would look much better with the subtle shirts if they are solid in colour or vice versa. You can even wear a bold bowtie just like the pocket square if you are going for any. 


Nobody would be better at describing on how to wear a bowtie than the Science Guy, Bill Nye. The reason for that is because he has a large collection of the bowties. 

Types of Bowties

Bowtie Ideas to wear with Formal Attire by GentWith Blog

The bowties come in two forms; one is pre-tied, and the others are self-tied. Most of the people suggest that one should not go for the pre-ties bowties, but they are used as well. To give a perfect look to the faculty or staff, the pre-ties bowties would be the best options because they are tied in the same manner. Apart from that, if you are not sure of how to tie a bowtie, the pre-tied bowties are always there to rescue you. 

But there comes a time when you would get a hand over the self-tied bowties and once that happens, it would be hard for you to even consider the pre-tied bowties. Moreover, you would be able to find much more patterns and prints which would say a lot more about your personality than the pre-tied ones. Their style is different as well including the diamond tip, the club wing, the batwing, which for sure are hard to find in the pre-tied bowties styles. 

If you want to express yourself without saying a word, the bowties would be best for it. Moreover, now that you have read this article, you are an expert about bowties, so go out and look for the options and have a new look to your personality. 


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