What to Wear When You Work From Home

What to Wear When You Work From Home by GentWith Blog

(It’s Not Pyjamas!) 

The Unofficial Dress Code

Whatever you do, you cannot change the unofficial dressing for work that you would do from home, which is the pyjamas. You can do this only for one week but after that, you need to get seriously related to your dressing for your job even if it is only you who can see it and no one else. The reason why you need to dress up at home for the job and work business and be appropriate are described as follows. 

Video Calls

If you have to be in those video conferences for your work, you may want to be looking your best and not in those pyjamas of yours because nobody would want to see you like that in your work environment. You need to be ready like you would have been ready for those in-person meetings which mean a suit and a tie. After the call has ended, you can take your jacket off easily. 

You would want to add some fun to your look while you are in a video conference. To stand out during the work video call, you might want to add up a tie to it because they leave a good impression and people tend to start conversations over them as well. But it would be better to go for bolder ties than the usual ones like those that the news anchors wear which have quite bold pattern ties. These ties you make it seem like a double-take which if worn in daily routine would make you look like having a news anchor’s tie. You are supposed to do this for all of your video calls from work. Moreover, these camera-ready ties in patterns are easily available including those paisley, the plaid and striped ties too. You do not need to worry much about the material of the tie because no one would see it in a close up which means you do not need to buy those expensive silky ties at all. Having a healthy rotation regarding the ties is good. You does not need to act like Vanna who never wore the same dress at all but that does not mean that you should wear the same tie to the client every time as well. 


Working from home is usually boring because nothing is quite happening at home which means that some of the co-workers want to have fun interactions with the people around them. Yes, we are talking about the extroverts here. When the energy is going down the hill and nothing is quite happening, you would want to find some fuel somewhere. 

For that, you can include some colours to your attire because they can increase your productivity by changing your mood pretty fast. If you have a lot on your plate, wearing those warm tones like the red tie, the orange socks or even a yellow pocket square would move you to work. If you are stressed and have no way to figure it out, it would be great to have your accessories in coo tones like those blue socks, and the green tie. 

While working from home, you always try to find something that would cheer up your day like those colourful socks because they would improve your morale to work and build up more confidence to it while you have a cup of coffee and a laptop in your lap while working. 


What to Wear When You Work From Home by GentWith Blog

The first week can be quite last because you are in your pyjamas the whole time, but after that, you might want to settle up your routine of dressing as your home would be your office as well. This routine would include setting up an alarm in the morning, taking a shower in the given time and getting dressed after that. By this, you would feel much more confidence and positivity because you would be clean and well dressed. 

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If you are married or are staying at your parents while having your siblings who have their kids along with them, this one would help you and would be a great key for you. When kids are around, they observe everything, even what you are wearing while going to work. For them, the pyjamas with sweatshirts would mean playtime but when you would get ready and would be in your appropriate dress for business, they would understand immediately that you need to work with focus. 

Room For Comfort 

After all of this discussion, this does not certainly mean that you cannot be comfortable while you are working from home. It is quite fine to wear your slippers in the house and if you do not need to have a video call, you can dress down and chill out a bit or have those casual Friday rewards just like you would have in the office. You can do anything except wearing the pyjamas to the work. 


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