How to Make Sure Your Groomsmen Look Their Best

How to Make Sure Your Groomsmen Look Their Best by GentWith Blog

Brides along their bridesmaid are considered the glam of the wedding because of all the makeup and fancy dresses they wear, and that surely leaves out the boys completely because they cannot wear something out of the box as they need to look traditional and classy, both together. The trend of being the mismatched groomsmen is not much in as like the bridesmaids because it is hard to picture the guys in different styles as they stand beside the grooms. Even though guys have suits for the big days, they still need to rent out most of the times because of the colours or even when it comes to tuxes. Well, the element of fitting goes for everyone regardless of which gender they belong from and the reason for that is the dresses and outfits do not look great if not in the fitting. Instead of irritating the bride and the bridesmaids, we are here with a guideline for you guys which would help you out in looking great in your different looks of outfits. 

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  • You would want to slay even if you rent your outfit, and for that, you may want to visit the rental store which is completely updated and have the pieces in great conditions as well. 
  • Try to go for the brand or store which have franchises or online delivery across the country so that everyone can work without much hustle and mess. Else, if everyone is in the same city, you can go visit your local shop which has great services to provide you. 
  • The store should not only rent out but should also have the option of selling the items that you decide to buy. 
  • We would suggest you wait for the bridesmaid dresses so that you can match according to their colour scheme because you would need to get the ties, pocket squares, the shirts and even the socks according to that colour scheme. There might be colours where you may even need to get suits according to their colours. 

How to Make Sure Your Groomsmen Look Their Best by GentWith Blog

  • You need to trust your groomsmen in their fitting because no one else knows it better than them and how to slay themselves in it. 
  • For the safest option, you would want to reserve three months before your big day. 
  • To stay ahead in the game of preparations, we would recommend you to give a fake date for the deadline so if someone misses it in case, you do not need to worry much because the actual date has a few weeks to come yet. 
  • To look the best, we would say that you may need to hook up your look with all those latest accessories so that you could add in the same amount of glam to the wedding as much as the bridesmaid would. We surely do not want you in some funky style or those outdated looks which would not be suitable for the occasion at all. 

As much as it comes to the mismatching, you can still go for our other articles for more advice on other elements of the weddings. 


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