The New Rules Of Formal Attire
The New Rules Of Formal Attire

The New Rules Of Formal Attire


This decade is quite new and the trends are different every day but it gets harder when it comes to suits. There are always ups and downs in the trends and nothing can happen much in between that except to wait or improvise it in the time era you are present in. As classical and instructional the formal attires used to be, that is not the case anymore because you can look classical and sexy without any strict rules. But to have rules is not too bad and sometimes it needs to be according to the event that you are about to attend. 

Formal Attire In The Age Of Sportswear 

Back in the time, formal attire was all about wearing a suit, a shirt, a tie, a pocket and square and a pair of smart shoes. But now it is considered to be boring after worn for such a long time as in for decades. People hardly wear it to work because it does not lift the mood at all. As time is passing by, the designers are working on changing the template and it has been working pretty fine since the start. It would be a different experience in the future as the younger generation would be unaware of wearing the suit because not much people would have worn around them. The huge change has started after 2018 when the tailoring has been eased up. The new rules are described below. 

New Rules Of Formal Dress 

Simplify Your Look

They are not much for the tailoring to do but you and your personality along with your body language. By this, you come out to be more natural and confident and you are ready in time. You may want to go for a plain knotted tie with an oxford shirt only. 

Forget Slim Fit 

The slim fit is not of use while talking about smart attire. You can hardly move in it and uncomfortable even though your body shape looks perfectly toned. 

Aim For Comfort 

Just because you are a man does not mean that you have to look bold and for that, you need to go for the heavy suits always. So rather go for an unstructured suit having more comfort and that would attract a lot of people easily. Going for the oversized but not too oversized outwear would not be a bad idea as well. 

If You Want Color, Go Earthly

Sometimes you want to wear something colourful instead of neutral colours. But if you are trying to balance the whole situation out, we would say that you should go for the earthly tones as it would flatter your skin tone and you would have a simple look as well. 

Try Trainers 

Recently the trend has started a lot where people wear white trainers and honestly it does not look bad at all. It is just a non-casual vibe in formal attire and it looks great. 

Forget Old School Rules Of Formalwear 

When the word formal is used, people automatically get the idea of being restricted due to some rules and that is how it has been in the past. You should be comfortable with what you want to wear and not go for the rules a lot. 

Smart Knitwear 

The New Rules Of Formal Attire by GentWith Blog

You can greatly transform your formal attire and because of that, this is considered to be the best rule out of all. You should go for a shirt if you do not want to go for a roll neck and by this, it looks like the business-like look which is not too bad for staying in between both the categories. 

For Shoes, Think Versatility 

You do not need a lot of options when only one can do the job. Just get yourself a pair of Derbys and save the rest of the money for something else. You can even look for the Chelsea boots because they do not disappoint you at all and give off that smart casual look to your outfit as a whole. 


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