How A Suit Should Fit In 2021
How A Suit Should Fit In 2021

How A Suit Should Fit In 2021


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After watching madmen, people did go mad regarding their dressing and how to look like Don Draper. To be slim, trim the hair and tailored suits having pocket squares, those ties and double monks. Sometimes skinny still looks quite skinny so ease up the situation for everyone, we have constructed a small guideline for different types of suits like how to wear them, fit trim and would it look good on you or not. 

Skinny Suits 

While passing through a high street, you would see men wearing the skinny suits during the proms and weddings of summers as it shows you off to be youthful as it shows that natural body. You would want to look over the tones but try to be budget-friendly as well as try to experiment. Look out for the fabric used; the cuts it has because it would be uncomfortable for you eventually and your tailor would also suggest this. It should look like your second skin but that does not necessarily mean that you need to size down. The shoulders are supposed to sit on naturally, the buttoning if the jacket should be easy without looking like you are pulling the fabric. The trousers are supposed to be up to the ankles and not shorter than that and if they do, they are supposed to be shortened. It is not recommended for many informal fabrics and looks. You may want to add in your waistcoat under your jacket to dress it up and wear some animal print shirt with skinny jeans and Chelsea boots to dress it down. 

Slim Suits 

How A Suit Should Fit In 2021 - Complete Guide by GentWith Blog

Not much in the trend these days but they make your body appear great as the shape of the body is elongated and you can easily move in it. Nothing can remove this style because it is considered to be the default style. The slim suits are the best fallback suits because you would nail the look without making it too prominent. And without a doubt, these would be back in style. For the suit to look perfect on you, this would start from the shoulders and the fabric is supposed to be flat right against the chest fabric. Those lapels lifting do not look nice at all. Be able to fit your hand between the chest and the lapel. The trousers are supposed to taper just like the skinny fit. The pair of tapers would be great for the ones who are athletic. The trousers are supposed to touch your laces and not go further than that. Do not over accessorise if you want to dress up, rather just go for the pocket square and tie only. You can work with a plain tee and white sneakers to dress down. 

Regular Suits 

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One of the never-dying looks includes having regular suits in it as it is the in-between of everything and not too much of something. It has always been the safest bet and it would be looking great after 20 years as well. Everything is great in it be it the fabric, the materials used, the cuttings technique, and even the long-lasting period. It would be better if there are no wrinkles around the shoulder as the shoulder are broader in them and gives a good shape to the waist as well.  You would want some room for the movement of your arms and the jacket would linger as well. The length of the trousers is supposed to be to the ankle. You can go for pleats with the extra fabric on them. You can let it stay classic without editing anything or you can wear chinos instead of trousers with trainers and a denim jacket. 

Relaxed Suits 

These have a very specific way of tailoring to them which is loose, rolling, given to the late-eighties and nighties sportswear of Armani. The innovation in it was introduced by the usage of different fabric whereas it was sportswear in the past. But they for sure have formal roots to them although they look much better on the weekends as it could be work with anything. You do not want to have an oversize because it would look like you borrowed your father’s work clothes. Even though the body is loose, the sleeves and trousers are supposed to be in place because if not, they look shapeless. You can wear double-breasted jackets with other elements including the hoodie and joggers. If you want to dress up, you would need to give off that vibe when someone started school back in the 70s or wear an oversized suit over a hoodie or t-shirt if you want to dress it down. 


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