How to Wear a Pocket Square

How to Wear a Pocket Square by Blog

Back in the time, the pocket squares were considered as a part of the dying art-form. They were introduced back in the 1920s as a fashion accessory, but their popularity increased in the 1969s. It was contemplated that they had been out of style but because of their classical style, they have never been forgotten. 

The small piece of self-assurance in the form of a pocket square on the suit jackets, blazers and sports coat has viewed it as a renewal. In the 1920s, it was the kind of accessory that people wore on the daily basis. However, in today’s lifestyle, it is observed to make you stand out of the whole crowd. It is appraised to represent sophistication and confidence in your personality. Although to have a great grip on it, you may want to know the ways to display it. And for that, four types of pocket square folds make sure you would have all the classiness in it which are as follows. 

The Straight Edged Fold 

It is crispy because of its straight fold on it. This pocket squares appear to just right above the edge of the suit pocket shape of a small rectangle on it. All you have to do is put the pocket square flat, have the left edge on the right edge and lastly, bring the bottom till a certain extent where it is not moved up. To make it fit your suit pocket, you may want to keep on folding the pocket square in thirds horizontally till it fits perfectly. This could also be turned into a rolled hem if the clean edge us placed first in the pocket square and the hem is peaking out of the pocket instead of that clean edge. 

The One Point Fold 

This type of pocket square never gets out of fashion because of its classiness. Even though it is simple to carry it out, it is still considered to be a bit hard then the straight edge one. That well-folded point helps in bringing in some illusion in the form of additional height to the torso area of men which is a plus point with elegancy. You could wear it with this suits having thinner lapels or even the conservative suits because it is considered to be as an all-purpose fold.

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You would need to fold the square into little quarters so that it could look like a diamond, in this way you can have one point. Next, you would fold in both the corners into the centre. You may want to fold the bottom up to three quarters to its original length to have rigidity which would help it not hang down. There should be a crispy triangle peeking out of the pocket square as a final result. Although to make it a reverse poof, you would follow the same steps whereas inserting the square upside down in the pocket. 

How to Wear a Pocket Square by Blog

The Four Point Fold 

These pocket squares look the best with the double-breasted coats because they are more complex than others. You would want to use it on either a blazer or a double-breasted jacket/coat as it shapes out to be like a crown made up of fabric as it helps in emphasising on the colour of the jacket which may be in any colour. The reason is that it has a high degree of ornamentation to it and is quite complex, so it looks the best on the formal events. Even though it catches the eyes, it still does not steal the limelight of the guest of honour of the event like the speaker or even the groom if you use it wisely. 

You would have the pocket square folded in half diagonal as the points are not supposed to meet. The two ends are supposed to be pulled up till they end up making four points while the edges are supposed to fold into the pocket so that it fits into the pocket. No matter how many folds there are, you would always want to have crispy and clear separate lines. 

The Puffed Pocket 

This pocket square does not require it to be crispy at all as the name is pretty much self-explanatory. It is quite easy to pull it off because it is the most unique one out of all of the types. It had a laid back attitude to it and is not looked over, because it does not look lazy as well. For this pocket square, the steps are not much demanding. However, as the fine-end results are quite hard to have a grip on, you would want to save yourself loads of time so that it could be tucked in perfectly and look at its best. 

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Put your pocket square flat while being unfolded on the table. Hold it up from the centre where the square has a loose point as you circle the fabric toward the centre as you move it. Then, at last, all you would need to do is insert it in the pocket while keeping the peak visible only. It is that simple. Although for that reverse puff, keep the steps same and insert the square in your pocket and keep the peak down this time. 

How to Wear a Pocket Square by Blog

You have all the guidance you wanted, so start practicing it from time to time so that it does not get hard on the main occasional days!


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