What To Wear To A Summer Wedding
What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding by GentWith

Most of the time people tend to keep their wedding ceremonies during summer. It seems like they are trying to attend their colleagues’ weddings in some phase of their lives. But if that phase has still not been in your life, then you certainly do not need to worry about it because it is soon to come. With that, you would keep on pondering what to wear. 

Most of the time, when there is a specific dress code to follow the wedding ceremonies, then it is usually the right thing. But some of the time, there is no such specific dress code that one needs to follow that usually ends up with wrong answers. Yet you may unconsciously ignore the grey area that holds great importance while choosing your outfit. If it is not in the invitation, then it could be chosen according to the venue and time of the year where you get the idea that what would suit usually. However, what person should wear during a summer holiday is all lined up here. Your way of fashion would certainly not be the reason for you to cause any distress to the happy couple. 

5 Expert Summer Wedding Style Rules 

Read (& Heed) the Invitation 

It is usually the first clue you get that what you have to wear at the wedding. Make sure that you follow any specific dress code that the couple has mentioned in the invitation. 

The celebrity stylist Joe Ottaway has mentioned that there has to be respected when the wedding couple specifies what you are supposed to wear at their wedding. David Gandy and Jude Law gave been his likes for the dressing. 

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Review the Venue 

You need to be sure where the wedding ceremony taking place is. The style writer Miriam Bouteba has said that a beach ceremony in the Bahamas would require a light-colored suit. You can pair a white short-sleeved shirt and loafers with you being sockless in it, pretty much ideal. The darker shade colored suits would be much better if the ceremony is somewhere in Birmingham during May. 

Keep it Personal 

You can style your way while having a strict dress code as well. Nobody would stop you from uniquely showing your own personality. Jo Harris, the style expert, says that formal or inform, suitably dressing with keeping your personal style is needed to be ensured. He has also worked with Harrods and Burberry. 

To make your look seem as being customized, you can add the neat folded printed pocket square. Even a contrast sole brogue to give subtle looks to your outfit. 

Never Upstage the Groom 

As you want to win your styling points at the wedding, just try not to steal the spotlight from the man of the day. The far fetch menswear editor Tony Cook has good that the rule applies to both sides; not to upstage than the bride or the groom. As it means that you cannot wear anything informal or something that would stow away, even a fancy dress for the party. 

Pick your Fabrics Wisely

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding GentWith Blog

One of the important considerations according to the time of the year is that would quality of outfit you would wear at the wedding. Coming around summer weddings, you may want to wear something light as due to the rising temperatures and sweat patches. Linen and cotton are good for hotter temperatures. On the other hand, merino work and cotton wool are good for the relatively moderate summer heat. 

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding 

The Traditional Wedding 

Those pre-6pm weddings require you white ties because nothing could go wrong with them. The black and grey morning coats having tails, with a light-colored waistcoat, a white or light-colored shirt having turn-down collars as, the cufflinks, a cravat or tie, grey, and black or only grey trouser with black shoes is a non-negotiable look. A grey topper is considered as being less formal. 

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The Modern City Wedding 

Having a wedding in the city may have a slicker end for the suit category. It is best to wear a dark-colored suit with some tie and handkerchief. But make sure it does not look like you are coming from work. It is best to go for a safer bet. That double-breasted two-piece having wool, no air, or linen in its fabric would depend on the vibe and temperature. 

The Black Tie Wedding 

Black Tie Wedding outfit by GentWith

Even though the black ties are less formal than white ties, it is still pretty much formal. You need to have contrasting lapels in grosgrain or silk. The trousers that braid down the leg, a white dress shirt with the collar down, the cufflinks, some fancy fronts with studs, or concealed buttons, and black shows with a well bowtie. Midnight blue is the best color for it with some texture like velvet. 

The Country Wedding 

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding GentWith Blog

A full suit is not required while being at a countryside wedding. You can even wear brown shoes like Derbies or brogues without letting down your look. All you need to do is wear a smart jacket with some trousers along with a shirt and tie to not break the boundaries. Warmer and neutral colors are suggests with some waistcoat matching your trouser or jacket with some patterns (just not floral).

Wedding Abroad 

You would need to be sure about staying formal with the risk of heatstroke. A suit consisting of a fitted jacket and grey or blue-tapered trousers in linen or cotton. The shirt is shopped to have a softer collar with less structured tailoring. The pocket squares and ties of linen would be good too. Loafers are better than any other shoes. 


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