Best Man Duties: The Ultimate Guide & Checklist
Best Man Duties: The Ultimate Guide & Checklist

Best Man Duties: The Ultimate Guide & Checklist

Best Man Duties The Ultimate Guide & Checklist by GentWith Blog

Every guy deserves the best man to some groom in his life. After achieving the role of the best man, you need to start off by working on the groom’s bachelorette party. Setting up the bachelorette party does not certainly mean that the best man duties are completed and off the hook now, nope, that is not the case at all. It is one of the most significant and subtle tasks to know that the groom has trusted enough in him that he should be his first sidekick to plan the whole wedding along with him. You see, the best man would focus on the details that the groom would be unable to cover or concentrate on. Either it is about before the big day or after it. So, we are here to guide you with some of the most important responsibilities one needs to succeed in completing the task of the best man one could ever have. 

Before the wedding

Best Man Duties The Ultimate Guide & Checklist by GentWith Blog

  • Decide on wedding suits: Obviously, the bride and groom would have considered what kind of a dress or attire they want to wear on their wedding. Yet if you think that your brother needs some help in something related to the outfit, then you must make sure that he would be able to roll the ball on his big day. You need to ask him about the time and venue that is decided for the wedding so that it could be easy for you to help the groom. You can direct him to the colors he should work on and accessories to consider wearing along with his attire. Apart from that, you can visit our page to observe how the groom can sync with the groomsmen dress
  • Manage the formal wear coordination: Now, as for Tim, you pick and finalize a certain attire. It means that you need to lead the rest of the squad and guide them on what their attire should be for the wedding. We could easily help you with it you can visit our dashboard. It will help you manage the distribution of the details. Also, you will be able to guide the groom what he should wear on the big day.
  • Be a mediator: You would most certainly act as a bridge between two places as you would be the one carrying the concerns and questions of the groomsmen to the groom. It could be informing the timings to the groomsmen of the big day. Also, how much does the groom wants them to contribute to the bachelorette party? As far as it concerns the planning or logistics, then it is all you and not the groom. Because you have this duty to make him feel at ease for his wedding while he is trying to prepare himself for his big day. 
  • Plan the bachelor party: The most fun part of being the best man is that you get to arrange about the guest list and keeping the track of everyone. Also, the decision of activities should be done for the day. As earlier said, make sure everyone pays as well as participates equally.

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During the wedding

  • Get the guys in order: So you are supposed to know each and everything, including that when the groomsmen would arrive and that everyone is present as well. Keep a look on everyone’s outfit to make sure nothing goes messy on this matter. The order depends on you during the ceremony to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to the plan. 
  • The rings: Even though many weddings have the ring bearers, some couples try not to hand over the actual rings to those little babies. So you get this responsibility as well that the rings are safe and sound in your pocket as you could hand them over to the couple at the right time and right moment during the ceremony. 
  • License: Being the marriage witness has a lot of responsibility as well, so you may want to sign it for your guy. However, if an officiant is hired, then you make sure that you hand them over their payment in a sealed envelope just right after signing the license. 
  • The big toast: Nailing the speech on the big day certainly has its value in the groom’s life. You may want to set the tone for the wedding dinner and have yourself in the spotlight on his big day. Although there may be some pressure, you would completely ace it with the help of our best tips and tricks for writing the killer speech you are about to deliver. 

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After the wedding

  • Gifts: Whatever the guests bring in for the couple, it could be the gifts or certificates you are the one who needs to collect them. Also, storing them according to the directions of the couple falls in your responsibility. 
  • Payment: The entertainment or service staff deserve a tip, so make sure you do that beforehand. This means that you may need enough cash along with your belongings. You need to keep an eye on both of them during the whole day of the wedding. 

Best Man Duties The Ultimate Guide & Checklist by GentWith Blog

There are other responsibilities of post-wedding time that include you need to make sure that the suits and tuxedos are returned. You may need to tick off your to-do list. The best man suit would help the groomsmen to buy their suits at a low price rather than renting. So no one needs to worry about shopping or considering what to do on the wedding day.


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