Why you should add a Suit Vest to your Wedding Day Look

Why you should add a Suit Vest to your Wedding Day Look? The foremost question that we ask while dealing with a client is whether they have considered adding a vest to their wedding day attire. Even though it is overlooked, it could still make a huge difference in the outcome. It has always been seen to enhance the look of the person on their big day. Some of the great ideas to add a vest on the wedding day attire are discussed below. 

Use a Vest to Stand Out as the Groom

There are plenty of ways how a vest can enhance the results of wearing it on the wedding day as for the groom. Initially, the groom would be the only one wearing a vest as his three-piece suit on the wedding day. On the other hand, the rest of the men and groomsmen would only wear a suit jacket and pants. In this way, the groom will be highlighted among the boys, and it would add on the formality with his significant other; the bride. On top of that, if the groom takes off his jacket after the ceremony to chill out and for a casual interaction as well as for hip-hop dance, he would still look classical and chivalrous, as he would be the only one having it on him. This is why it’s great to spend the entire wedding party wearing vests. 

Why you should add a Suit Vest to your Wedding Day Look by GentWith

Apart from that, the groomsmen always keep the jackets on till they are up for the pictures. For the rest of the event, they take the jackets off and start to have fun around. Although it looks pretty upbeat to make your guys wear the vests so that they could be distinguished from the rest of the crowd and know to be the groom’s squad. 

The other way to make the groom be the limelight of the ceremony is that if he is to be wearing a different colored suit. The groomsmen could wear the suit color of the groom’s vest, or they could wear a vest of the groom’s suit color as he would be wearing the matching three-piece suit. 

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A Little Something Extra for Warm Weather Weddings 

It is usually observed that when the weather is hot, the jacket from the attire is taken off. It has seen to be pretty comfortable for the guys to chill out in the sun during the wedding party. Wearing a vest could actually help to set in the vibe for the chic kind of wedding which the whole wedding party wants. This could go for daytime garden weddings as well as the rustic weddings. As they are thin, and they also give a formal look, it would be the best option to go for in order to stay formal as well as being comfortable. And for that, to add more casual-formalness within the vest-look, the groom could unbutton the first button of the vest and could look like he is having the time of his life. 

Why you should add a Suit Vest to your Wedding Day Look by GentWith

If the person wants to stay without a jacket but wants to keep the boutonnieres in the suit, we would recommend you to add boutonnieres or suspenders on your vest for that purpose. At the end of the day, it is a wedding that everyone wants to enjoy and want to look their best while making memories. So it is better to have fun while keeping your classic game on and enjoy the rest of the day as it goes on. 

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Suit vests are slimming

The guys who have heavy bodies sometimes assume that they might look bulkier if they go for the vest in their attire. However, it is actually the opposite. The dark colors like navy and black in the vest usually help to make the other person seem slimmer. They tend to look much better with a vest on because it pretty much keeps the game-high and makes you look much stylish if you have a great body. The heavier the body would be, the better the vest would look on the person. It is high in fashion and enriches your look with vintage vibes. Other than that, it helps to keep the shirt intact with the body and make you look perfect without having a loose look of the groom while he dances.

Why you should add a Suit Vest to your Wedding Day Look by GentWith

Most of the time, the grooms tend to get confused while making a decision for their wedding look. Also, you get so many choices and opinions that it gets difficult that which one to choose from. We are always ready to help you out from the look to the little accessories and details you want to focus on for your wedding day look. All you got to do is send an email of the questions, photos, or anything that goes through your mind and let us do your guardian angel. 

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