2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire
2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire

2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire

2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire by GentWith

The old classics traditions have been long gone where men wore black with a plain tie at weddings, but it is important to stay in today’s fashion. Because it’s more innovative and creative. In recent years, it has been observed that grooms have developed a habit that has changed the traditions. Currently, they take ownership of planning out their wedding and also style their outfit for the day with exquisite personality by adding in different colors. 

Previously, there are changes in the dynamics of the dressing style for weddings. There are suits of different colors, patterns on the ties, pants that are slim fit, and many alternative accessories that count a lot on the wedding day in the groom’s attire. The present wedding trends are as follows:

Dinner jackets 

2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire by GentWith

The recent most in-trend fashion for the wedding attire has been the inclusion of velvet fabric to make the groom’s outfit look more formal. Just like the brides, grooms can also have a second look in the form of jackets for the wedding dinner. The switching from the suit or tuxedo into the dinner jacket for the reception looks pretty dope for the vibe. However, the texture and the color of the jacket must complement the pants, tie color, and shoe. Moreover, its length of the sleeve should be better enough that the half-inch of the dress shirt could be seen. A plus point of having a dinner jacket is that it could later be used on causal events like a dinner date with the spouse or a night out with colleagues. This kind of double bonus is something men usually go for, and this chance of wearing it formally and at casual events is something to go for a hundred and ten percent. 

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Standing out as the Groom

2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire by GentWith

Nothing more matters to stand out on your wedding day. Just like every bride, every groom also wishes to look more unique than his groomsmen. It could start off in any way, like choosing a different tie color, the only one to have a boutonniere on his dress, or wear an entirely different suit or tuxedo of a different color. All the suit needs to be matched with the bride’s dress and act exceptionally in his groomsmen outfits. Usually, the grooms tend to go for a white or an ivory tie and pocket square to match with his bride’s dress. On the other hand, the groomsmen should go for those colors for the tie that match the bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Casual Style 

The groom’s attire should be according to the location of the wedding, because not always a suit or tux runs the show. The more of the casual weddings or reception like rustic barn weddings, or even beach weddings, the attire of the groom would obviously be casual. If nothing else, then skip the worn suit without a tie and certainly unbutton the buttons on the top of the shirt. Also, if you go with this, then the groomsmen should surely go for wearing vests or suspenders instead of the suit. Whereas when it comes to beach weather, loafers will work out much better than the dresses shoes. Despite the fact, the pants should be cuffed higher so that the ankle could be shown off while wearing oxfords. 

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A twist on Traditional Black tie

Apart from the fact that James Bond shakes the dirty martini, the navy tuxedo is tightly popularized for its style all because of Daniel Craig among the men. A navy tuxedo should not be classified as ’black tie’ because it looks more upscale for the wedding. Along with the navy tuxedo, you need to go grab a black hand-tied bowtie with leather patent tuxedo shoes. It will enhance the look as well as make it look decent, classy, and formal. On the other hand, if the groom would opt for loafers with the skinny ties, it would make him look more casual, or you can say, informal. 

Wedding Trends for Groom Attire by GentWith

Picking up a great venue with a magnificent theme, the time of the date, as well as the season, has a huge role in planning the wedding. It works out much better when the men have started to plan out six months before the wedding. Also, it would be facilitating to place an order three months before the wedding date for the style of the outfit. While we give our best to the grooms as being our clients, we always love to do the best we can. Specifically, when it comes to looking out for the groom according to the wedding attire, we are just an email away for you. 



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