The Biggest Sneaker Trends of 2021
The Biggest Sneaker Trends of 2021

The Biggest Sneaker Trends of 2021

The Biggest Sneaker Trends of 2021 by GentWith Blog

Ever since 2020 happened, everything has been unexpected in our lives. There is always something surprising happening and the thoughts like whether World War III would take place or not, would the global warming be less or not, but more importantly what is coming up next in sneakers? What is the new update? As the area of expertise is in fashion, we would only answer up to the last question. After watching the gazing right into the FashionBeans crystal this year, we know the answer regarding the sneakers. Back in the 2010s, everyone was into those white uppers in crisp form while having minimal silhouettes of the 90s that too on the full scale have been banging in 2020 completely and have been offering that best sharp contrast. From all the trends in the past, these upcoming sneakers would be the trend for the next year. 

High-Fashion Hookups 

People in Paris have always loved and wanted the collaboration of Air Jordan x Christian Dior and yet all of us have been making fun of them whereas the whole situation is different. We thought those smoking people who were tall and thin were out of their minds when they talked about this. The collaborations have been the forever favourite of people like back in 2019 Sacai x Nike LDWaffle were considered to be the biggest release, it is known that Prada and Adidas would collaborate this year and you can see that the collaboration business has been booming itself and everyone who loves it. Even those high-end brands of clothing are stepping into this trend. These sneakers are everyday wear and have been becoming the new normal quite much. This is a great note to people who think that sneakers are just here for a while whereas sneakers are the most powerful out of all. 

More Gore 

Not too long ago, functions were the fashion and models used to walk down on the ramp while having technical outwear on them, you could see so many pockets along with Gore-Tex in fleece and corduroy which are the hottest fabrics present. Only if people saw, they would know that people wearing the outfit being the ice climbers in the Karakoram had never looked so better than before that fashion show. But it did not stop there, the Gore-Tex sneakers were brought in by the AW19 and made it look like a killer in such beauty because surprisingly it was wearable and style, both of them together. If you want to go for the water-proof traditional sneaker styles, you would find the Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Airforce, and Superstar. Even though they look old, they would still be the trend of the next year. 

Textured Trainers 

Having texture means adding detail to that element, the same goes for the footwear too. This style was introduced majorly in 2020 and has blown up everyone’s mind. Every kind of footwear, the hairy suede runners and cord plimsolls, even those sneakers look out of this world when they have texture on it and everyone has been down for it ever since. This trend was started back in 2018 by Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 and everyone has loved it ever since. And beware, the Wotherspoon are coming up with a collaboration further ahead and this would create the fire in everyone for sure. 

Performance Runners 

Those running shoes have always been in the front of the Fashion Week for so many seasons but lately, they have been upgraded and look cooler. Those bigger brands including Nike, Hoka One One and Undercover’s Gyakusou have given more worth and meaning to the local club streetwear by adding colour in those high performing kicks. You can run a marathon and you would not be tired in them. 

Mesh & Metallic 

Lately, everything has become a trend including those wraparound shades, sketchers and even the shoes we all hated back in high school time, the mesh and metallic silver trainers. This trend was started by the New Balance, Saucony and Asics like for them. Even though it looks like the Dad shoes 2.0, this still came in forward last year and there would be a lot more of this in the upcoming year. 

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Noughties Revival 

Everything is happening what happened 20 years back, it is like history is repeating but with accuracy. For most of us, the 90s are nostalgic and it has been increasing the focus on millennium day by day. As you look around, you would know and see the baggy jeans with the belts having dangly canvas to them. Even those Nike’s Shox and the shiny gym shoes have been produced in the mesh. It feels old, right?

The Sneaker Trend We Can See Right Through 

Regardless of stating that we suggest you the best fashion wear, we are in awe of the revival of sneakers in this decade. That see-through Converse All-Star was introduced by Virgil Abloh in 2018. 

I think we avoided much but those see-through sneakers are popping out every month lately. Even the collaboration of Blondey McCoy who is a skater/model/artist has set up the bar. Look close and you would know that this trend is growing every day. 


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