5 Groomsmen Outfits That Will Make You Rethink Tuxedos

5 Groomsmen Outfits That Will Make You Rethink Tuxedos By GentWith

There are some styles of outfits that break the norm which was quite famous in the past. No matter whatever the bride is saying about her dress and finding the dress which truly makes her cry and make her feel like the bride of the day, it is not known that they still have more options for the dresses as compared to the men. That is not where it stops, it means they can have more ways of personalisation and fun too. 

If we look into the past, men were only supposed to wear black tuxedos or suits and nothing more than that. To have more details to it, the maximum they could do was add in a tie and a boutonnière and that was it. But with time, things have changed. People have recognised that the couple is trying to express their personality by the way of their dressing and this has given an edge to not only the groom but also his groomsmen. They do not need to wear all black if they do not want to. Regardless of how it is still the best look for the formal event, it may change for the wedding occasion that is supposed to take place during the day or evening but outdoor and not indoor. The examples of it which make the wedding celebrations amazing are described below. 

5 Groomsmen Outfits That Will Make You Rethink Tuxedos By GentWith

When it is a summer wedding, those khaki suits sans tie show more elegance than any other style. 

The groomsmen can wear those grey slacks without wearing the suit jacket and instead, go for the suspenders to make the groom stand out of the squad. 

If the wedding is taking place in front of the ocean that too in the summers, the groom and the groomsmen can wear those vests in the light grey colour without the jacket of the suit. They can add along with ties to it which coordinate with the bride and the bridesmaid dresses. 

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If you want to define perfection through your personality in a mid-day wedding, the groomsmen can go for the shabby-chic style while the khakis are rolled up giving more area to show off the loafers

To go bolder, rustic-styled weddings are a great option. For that, the couple would most probably want to celebrate it with a country flair whereas to show it in that way, the groomsmen can wear those cowboy hats and rich denim pants underneath. Do not worry, you would not need the horses to complete your style. 

You can check out our photo galleries and see what the grooms and groomsmen have been wearing at real weddings.


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