Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes
Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes

Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes

Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes By GentWith

It is not easy to stay cozy if you are a man because you need to keep your masculinity and personality side by side. Dress shoes do not always save the day and sometimes you cannot keep up with those ugly boots. But there is always a solution to everything and you can have dress boots which could work out with your outfit just fine. It may add more refinement to the look. Apart from this, you can wear boots in all the seasons and not the only winter. Some of the reasons after the descriptions of different kinds of boots are described in the following part below. 

Pretty much similar to the dress shoes, the dress boots have high graded polished leather on it and to the sole as well. The Chelsea and Monk Strap boots are examples of it. Second, come the military boots which are basically used for military purposes but apart from that these can be worn classically. Lastly, come the casual boots which have softer leather to it. You can easily wear any outfit with them having no hesitation to it. The best example of it is the Chukka Boots

  • Boots Are More Durable Than Shoes 

While going for boots, you may want to look into their durability and that should be your priority while getting one. The purpose of it is that they would be able to get through any season. While getting these boots, the best material would be leather on them because it could get through rain, wind and snow without any problem. Just try to polish them frequently and dry them as quickly as you can. If nothing else, then go for the waterproof spray for longevity. 

  • Boots Are Tougher Than Shoes 

The purpose of wearing boots is that they are much tougher than ordinary shoes. You would want your boots to last as long as they can. The long piece of leather named as Goodyear Welt is the best material to use for this purpose and so that the sole could stay in its place. While buying the boots, you know that you would want to go for them to be as tough as they can. The ones which are shiner are great for the office purpose, but for hiking and other purposes, you may want to go for the ones which have full-grain, top-grain, they are made from genuine leather and they are bonded with the perfect material. 

Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes By GentWith

  • Boots Give You More Grip Than Shoes 

When it comes to boots, you would want their grip to be great and tighter than anything because there are high chances of slipping somewhere in the mud. No matter which material you use for the sole to have a greater grip, nothing would work except having an inexpensive stick-on the sole. It should be pretty much thick so that it could be safe for you to wander around anywhere. 

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  • Boots Give You More Support Than Shoes 

You never want to embarrass yourself just because your shoes filled up with water just when you stepped into the puddle. For that, get the boots which have the height to them and go for the ankle height for sure. The reason for that is it would protect you from wetness and coldness and you can wear these boots with anything. So the Chelsea and Military boots are the best options for this. By having a height to the shoes, you also have support for your ankles when you are walking for longer periods. People need to walk 5 miles a day and for this purpose, those ankle heightened boots are the best. You cannot trip, twist or even damage yourself by simply walking in them. The common ankle problems can be avoided in them as well.

  • Boots Give You More Protection Than Shoes 

When the boots have rubber soles to them, you would get the idea that how safe it is to walk in them and not in the ordinary shoes. The soles are pretty much protected in these boots because they are quite sensitive. This happens much more in the hilly areas where the ground is uneven because there is rocky terrain there. The boots are the best shoes to wear instead of dress shoes and trainers. 

  • Boots Give You More Versatility Than Shoes 

Best Men’s Boots – 7 Reasons Boots Are Better Than Shoes By GentWith

If you think that nothing can beat dress shoes in versatility, you might want to reconsider this. Instead, the boots are best in their versatility. You can wear them with jeans and still have no issue with it. The casual aesthetics of the boots is the reason for the perfect aligning with any kind of wardrobe. You can see Chelsea boots working out with the majority of the shoes, sneakers and sandals. 

  • Boots Are Sexier Than Shoes 

With all these reasons comes the reason for presentability of the boots which is pretty much of a work. If one observes, you would know that women tend to focus straight to the footwear and finds the attractive according to it. And like anything, boots display confidence, power and style within it and how can one say no to it. The military lace-up hoots and Chelsea boots are best for this purpose.


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