Well Groomed: The Art of Choosing Your Best Man (or Bridesmaid)

Well Groomed: The Art of Choosing Your Best Man (or Bridesmaid) by GentWith Blog

The decision that everyone looks forward to at weddings is who would be the best man or the maid of honour. This is the kind of decision that everyone thinks it would be easy, and most of those married ladies and guys tell you that it is pretty easy. But that is not the case, as fast as it could be made, it would be made after considering different aspects of the weddings and capability of the person to handle those. The groomsmen, as well as the best man, have a very significant role at the wedding of the groom, so it should be including the people who would be right for it, easing up the process instead of making it harder while enjoying the big the day of the groom. 

So what are the groomsmen and the best man supposed to do?

Weddings are never a one day job, even for the groom side. Those arrangements should be made, there should be sequenced which follow up with being organised. Similarly, the suits itself take time as not only should they have to be measured along with being fit in time, but also be picked and tried before time so that any alteration need to be made should be done before the big day. 

Each groomsman has different responsibilities for the big day. This could be wither pretending as an usher in the church or even ensuring the fact that the band has been paid once the event has been over. Whereas the best man is supposed to make sure about the rings, that speech at the meal and be the general coordinator of the while wedding. They are supposed to keep you on track of the time on your big day so that everything goes as it was planned. Apart from the big day responsibilities, they are supposed to be there making sure that other chores are completed and the errands are supposed to be divided among each other. But this should be done after considering everyone’s personality and their area of expertise in life. They need to make you feel at peace so that you are ready for the big day. 

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While deciding about the best man, you should consider the facts that would he be able to deliver the speech perfectly without messing up things for you, would be the safe bet for the rings, would he be able to stay sober through some days if he drinks, and lastly, how would he react to certain last-minute emergencies. Due to all of these aspects, people end up telling you that it should be your brother because he knows your ins and outs. But that is not true. It could vary from person to person depending on the situations. The grooms have even chosen their sisters to be their best women. Whereas, you are supposed to ask these questions before putting your guys in the groomsmen squad and choosing your best man. 

Has the person been supporting your relationship from the start? 

The person you choose must have been supporting your relationship with your significant from start. He should have been there in your ups and downs as it later on your significant other would feel ease in relying on him. The next point is that how would he deliver the speech as giving a toast to your marriage. It should be written from the heart as it is only possible if he has been there for you during your relationship. 

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Is he trustworthy and responsible? 

When it comes to the bachelorette party, no one is as dreaded in those responsibilities than the best man to make sure that it goes smooth and everyone enjoys, more importantly, the groom. As it is a party, not many people are up for the task to take responsibilities. You are supposed to give the honour of best man to the person on whom you would have faith that he would not mess up with the speech, he would not bother you on small things and he would take care of your wedding rings for sure. And if that is not the case, then you have picked the wrong man for the duty. 

Have they been the friends whom you go to when you face a problem?

Well Groomed: The Art of Choosing Your Best Man (or Bridesmaid) by GentWith Blog

Just like the rest of the things that need to be done on time for the wedding, moral support is something that you would be seeking from your friends now the best man should be the person on whom you can completely rely on when you think you are in a bad situation. Moreover, he should be there to help you while calming you. Even though if you are nervous about the wedding, the best man is supposed to know when something is bothering you, even if you do not say a single word to him!

For most of the people, choosing the best man and groomsmen would be easy whereas, for others, they could get stuck while choosing the beat out of the best. Just keep in your mind that you are supposed to pick the right person for this. You are not supposed to get mixed up by what others say. Trust your instincts, you would never go wrong. So best of luck!


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