Menswear Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style

Menswear Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style by GentWith Blog

The trends that were once famous do not go dead completely but are revived some years later. However, some of the men’s wear gas stayed classic for long times that were decades as well, and have been considered as an important staple for men’s styling. No matter what year it is, some of the styles described below would stay in fashion wardrobe, wearing it at the workplace, and even the weekends. But if you do not have them, make sure you buy them the next time you go shopping. 

Chambray/ Denim Shirt

This fashion trend had a rise when the French actor named Alain Delon wore it in the sixties. This European heritage was later worn by Paul Newman from America. So, when you go shopping it, get yourself a light blue color which would fit you well. Later on, when you are going to wear it in the city, go for a linen blazer over it and those mid-blue jeans underneath it. The chinos could work out as well but do not forget to have leather brogues at the footwear to make yourself feel more at peace near the sea.


These got their game-high when they made their debut with Ray-Ban back in 1956 and had been the bestselling eyewear for all the time. Later on, in the seventies, they were featured in films including Risky Business while Tom Cruise was making his killer moves with it. They have various styles of eyewear. These could include dark brown, that tortoiseshell, moreover, those leather frames make their appearance for sure. Although, the original gloss black with the black lens has always been timeless because you could wear them with anything and still nail the look. 

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Navy Blazer 

Menswear Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style by GentWith Blog

It was considered the wearing staple for men who were in clubs, it was introduced by Ralph Lauren. But two types of it are structured and unstructured. Due to the difference in the texture, the roles are differed because of it. However, the navy-blue blazer still fits the rules according to the occasion as it keeps the shoulders sharp as well as it gets slim as coming down to the waist. Those details of buttons, lapels, and single or double-breasted are supposed to keep minimal as they are supposed to get along with the khaki chinos and leather lace-ups on the weekends. 

Leather Oxford Lace-Ups 

Menswear Essentials That Will Never Go Out of Style by GentWith Blog

The leather shoes that give a sleek and solid look help a man a lot while styling his outfit. No matter what the season is, you should go for the varieties including Derbys and Oxfords, as they always make you look timeless. The Derbys have been differenced by their lacing structure that is openly making you look casual and relaxed whereas the Oxfords has a much more closed lacing mechanism that gives it a look of being more streamlined. 

Those brogue versions of each are known for their punch-hole perforations on the surface of the shoes as having a decorative pattern on it. To have a long-lasting service of these, go for the ones in dark brown or black color. 

Breton Stripes 

As always considered to the initial ones in the men’s styling canon, it is much important to some extent. It was created by the fishermen that were in the French region of Breton, and later on, James Dean wore it loving it because of his white and navy horizontal stripes. These could be work with trousers or even linen shorts and a blazer as you wear the look off by the slip-on. 

The Trench Coat 

Initially, it was for the British officers who went to war in 1895 as they wanted to be perceived as soldiers. Now a century later, the Burberry introduced back the classic military epaulets that had throat latch along with hook and bar to it. There was a D-ring at the belt, and the cuffs had straps as well while the storm flap was placed at the right shoulder so that the rain could be kept out.

In the following years, luxury brands have tried to infuse their style to it in different colors like black, navy, and beige. They are made of cotton and are worn over the suit while going to work. Whereas, the look of street cool with denim and a t-shirt and sneakers is the best for the weekend vibe. 

Dark Raw Jeans 

These were introduced when the workwear had been official in the US for men during 1873. Later on, in the fifties, these had added in the subcultural attachment to it, so it is accepted in fashion in today’s life as well. The mid-century men are the reason for it because they taught that how good they work by a fashionable point of view as it adds versatility. You could wear it with the white t-shirt and roll it up a bit with the Chelsea’s at the bottom that for sure, is a rocking vibe. You might even consider wearing a button-down shirt along with a jacket to it as the shirt could be tucked in according to the occasion’s formality whereas the go for the leather tan belt and brogues of that color. 

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The Classic Grey Suit 

Gray Suit by GentWith Blog

It is considered the most adaptable color as it blends in perfectly in different shades. If you wear it to work, have a light blue, link, or even lilac shirt under it with the brown shoes with it. If you want to wear it on the weekend, have an open-collar white shirt with sneakers underneath it, but do not wear socks under it as it would be a mix of casual and formal vibe. 

White Sneakers 

Lately, they have been certified gym free and is a trend in the sports-luxe wear. Men have been trying to look chic while staying comfortable and nothing would be better than wearing these with slim jeans along with a t-shirt or even a blazer and chinos to make the outfit look bouncier smart casual. You have to keep it low-cut in leather and have no color to it and have no socks inside of it, so get up and buy them! 


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