How to Choose & Wear the Perfect Belt

How to Choose & Wear the Perfect Belt by GentWith Blog

Most of the people tend to focus on belts and figure out about your personality just by that. Because by wearing that properly, everyone around you knows that you know what you wear and how you wear it. Even though it is a simple task yet some people get wrong about it. For different kinds of belts, there are different kinds of events and occasions to wear them and once you are done choosing and wearing your whole attire, one of the most difficult challenges is to get the perfect belt which has a great texture, colour and can buckle while separating itself to hundreds of luxury brands given to us. Although you can get the perfect belt for yourself you need to make sure that you wear it correctly by learning about it. Whereas your styling is your preference, the reason why we tend to love having belts in our daily life’s wardrobe. 

Men’s Dress Belts 

Even though it is supposed to be work along with a suit, you could wear it with the separate trouser and smart chinos ad well. Having much modern and chicness to it, they have the width of 2.5-3.5cm and are made of the finest leathers of cows, calfskin and sometimes of the crocodile as well. The best colours in it include tan, brown and black which complement with your favourite pair of dress shoes easily but do not go for the quirky belts at all. The only belts that attract and catch the eyes are the outlandish ones which draw the attention away from the suits while you pair up your shoes and belts together. The other pieces of jewellery or even watches can be matched but consider those silver and gold-tone. The reason for them looking great would be the polishing, stick with its stitching similar to the leather and grain in it as well. Do not go for those chunky waves if you have a formal event to attend. 

Men’s Casual Belts 

While wearing these, you do not need to worry much about pairing these up with your outfits. As it would represent your style, you could go for width according to your need which includes vintage-inspired leather to the rope-style belts with big buckles. If you want w style going for some theme of your outfit, you could go for a neutral colour leather which is unpolished and malleable and has mid-size to it with a silver tarnished buckle and it goes along with everything else greatly. 

The Right Belt Size

You need to know about your pant size which is in inches usually at first. This would correlate to the waist measurement which could be 30-34 inches or even more. Later, you buy yourself an inch larger belt with your current pants, like if your waist would be 34, you would go for a 36 inches belt. 

Apart from that, the dress belts are supposed to have more inches leftover to the left side of the buckle. There should be two spare holes on the belt or even enough to just buckle the first belt loop in it as it is a good rule of thumb. You should rest towards the shorter side instead of the longer ones it could leave you with the excessive tail of leather around your hip. 

These usually have more room than any other related to flexibility however the long tail always gives it an awkward look. 

Men’s Belt Types 

Just like the shoes, there is a selection to he made related to belts in the outfit as well if you tend to go casual, smart casual or even formal. These are as follows. 

How to Choose & Wear the Perfect Belt by GentWith Blog

Formal Dark Leather

These are considered to be the best ones while starting with the dress belts. You need to look about the shade you go for or go for that eventual versatility in your look by going for the brown or black reversible belt given the options to you. 

Tan Weave Belt 

These are seen ta the smart casual events like those summer parties, or even the dress-down Fridays at the offices because they give in the versatility factor of brown but in a lighter hue which makes it look great for both the summer neutrals and dark colours. 

When a cotton collared shirt which is dark in colour with some earth tone chinos and tan footwear is worn, you can be a bit playful with the belt style while letting it fall down the trousers in casual wear. Having that weave style belt would be great too as it would have much texture to the trousers with some attractive combination to it. 

Coloured Fabric Belt 

These kinds of belts are considered to be worn at summer occasions when the dress code is casual. These are light-weighted made of cotton or canvas, even grosgrain having some stripe or marl finish to it depending on whether you want a more textured look or print on it. Those two metal D’s is considered to be one of the common buckle styles in it. You could wear these with those tailored shorts having linen blazer on or even cotton trousers as well as vintage faded jeans. You are not supposed to look too much preppy in this look. 

Suede Belt 

How to Choose & Wear the Perfect Belt by GentWith Blog

Even in leather texture, the suedes are kind of more casual. It has the silver buckle on it which looks great on those denim jeans or the casual shorts where the D-ring comes in and is considered to be a great option for it. It is easy to fit in the hole for the belt and it looked in the categories of textural, casual, dressy and cool looking. 

Thick Vintage Belt 

Been designed for the casual look, these look the best with denim on those weekends having some jeans and sneakers along with cotton shirt on it. This could also be work to work which would be a dream outfit as well. Have more width in it but the metal of the buckle should be dull which turns out to be bolder in actual, and you can keep it forever as it gets great over time. 

How to Tie it 

  1. You would pull it through the belt loops till the D-links are exactly where the buckle of the belt is supposed to be, and then those loose ends are supposed to be pulled through both the D-rings. 
  2. The D-rings are supposed to be separated while making enough space so the belt passes between them. Get those loose ends of the belt back into the D-rings so that it folds itself over. 
  3. That loose end is then pulled through the D-ring till the closest ring and under that second ring. Keep pulling it toll you feel it getting tight around your hips. 
  4. After that, the D-rings are supposed to rest flat against the pants. Those loose ends of the belt are supposed to tuck into the closest loop of the pants to secure it. And tadaa, you are ready to rock your day!


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