How to Appear More Stylish Than You Are

How to Appear More Stylish Than You Are by GentWith Blog

As for a fact, nobody usually likes a poser who always tries to be something he is not. So to be stylish in a way, it could be done in three factors including being simple, more effective and sharp than usual. This is all about having those tips from the men who know what to do at what time. 

Once you have done that smart shopping, you would be considered as the guy who knows how to lift a game all of a sudden while having those background music as well. For this, those foolproof tips that would make everyone think that you are stylish are described as follows. 

Employ Tastefully-Ripped Jeans 

How to Appear More Stylish Than You Are by GentWith Blog


The best outlook of these tastefully ripped jeans is the solid street credibility to an off duty appearance. These give in those vibes of the 90s where men had long hair with those sneakers and flannels. These tipped jeans were considered the best toll the Noughties looked at the trend turning Los Angeles tacky where the F-grade celebrities were wearing the jeans with some snap buttoned plaids along with the Cuban-heeled boots. 

These have been the pure street casual as the black ones with a leather jacket or even a colour faded organic t-shirt giving those beach vibes. The next step is to go for the right size of yours, try to get along the slim, skinny or even the straight cut ones only. Lastly, the rips are supposed to be on the knee cap or even a bit above or below, but not looking a mess to it. 

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Don’t Fear Jacked-Up Jewellery 

No, it is not the Pirates of Caribbean look at all by that mentioning of jewellery, it means the jewellery apart from the wedding watch or band. The list may include rings, bracelets, and those neck chains as well. The beads in the bracelet look good in leather ones and other than that, have brass and silver-tone to the chains, the signet rings and the plain bands as well. Those leather and beaded bracelets add in texture by overpowering your outfit as the animal skin has a bit of uneven surface. The most risk is included in the necklaces and for that, the best option is going slim chains in silver, gold and brass hues. You can even layer them while changing the metals. You would not want to look like a pirate by adding beads to your leather necklace. The rings, on the other hand, are supposed to be simple in metals or some gems, even engravings could be added in it as well because these reflect your style without looking in the pressure of the trend. 

Rolled Cuffs 

You might see the street trends but would not have experienced going into those streets yourself. This means the rolled trouser cuffs which do not apply to suits and trousers separates at all, whereas if the length is greater, then they can be tucked in. This technique looks the best with denim jeans and chinos fold the hem at the bottom of the straight cut ones for once or twice at the height which is best for you (max 1-2 inches). There should be a roll made up which would align the casual style in the slim fit jeans. You should not wear socks with sneakers underneath it else bold coloured socks with brogues underneath it would give that perfect summery look to you.

Hunt Down Unique Sneakers 

How to Appear More Stylish Than You Are by GentWith Blog


When someone asks you where are your sneakers from, you already start to feel great about it. Whereas on the other hand, when those dudes would be wearing the camouflaged panel with mulberry hue in the Valentinos, it makes your look go to waste for you. So try to pick the special editions in the sports and retro sneakers having colours unit. 

Apart from these, there are superyacht sneakers which have blueprints in different exotic skins of ostrich, crocodile and python. These are mostly available online as compared to the stores and by this, you would be a step ahead of your friends already. 

Rock Unstructured Blazers 

How to Appear More Stylish Than You Are by GentWith Blog

Lately, men have started mixing up their hybrid style with the appropriate dressing for the occasion which turns out to be hard to master the unstructured blazer. It is designed for smart-casual events and acts like a rebel to the other blazers. There is not much shape to it and does not have many sharp edges of the shoulders without those inner details like linings and padding which is softer and chilled in usual. The other details like the offbeat check and patch pockets make the look interesting for sure and due to a variety of fabrics, it is easy to be used for an everyday look. You would want to try the unstructured jacket over the tapered jeans with a crisp shirt with it which looks good and is a replacement to all the other uppers but the dapper factor should not be included in it. 

Final Word 

The whole purpose of the tips is to put you in the right direction. When it is about adding style to it there are no hard and fast rules to it which help in evolving your style on the advice of someone and still being acceptable to it.  Do not stop looking for ways to look the best in your daily routine but do not overthink about it as well. Moreover, self-confidence is the key to everything eventually.


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