12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own
12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own

12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own

12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own by GentWith Blog

On a big event, wearing statement jackets pairing with sneakers tend to be at the top of the list. However, you should not mean you forget about all the other essential elements that would highlight the look. 

Apart from the jacket and sneakers, you need to focus on the trousers as well. Because if they are the right ones, you will nail the look. If they are not, then you can mess up the look you have been striving to outshine in. Those slim-fit black jeans would be great, but those top-notch trees would look super slick. Some of the important trousers styles are defined here so that you could get the idea of what might look great with your visionary look. 

Corduroy Trousers 

12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own by GentWith Blog

While wearing a corduroy, you need to make sure that you wear it well because that way, it would be the best indispensable trousers. With those 1970’s revivals lately, you could steal the spotlight of anyone aiming high to look fly.

The texture is wool or cotton that has parallel lines on its callee wales. As they are durable, they are rough and tumble in the outlook wise. You could say it is the Indiana Jones leg-wear. They could help you stay warm in the cold weather. When it is worn casually, that is when they look the best. Dark-colored corduroys with a sweatshirt along with leather sneaker is a clear sign that he is not a fellow at Oxbridge. It could give a formal look too because it the strip fabric on it. The corduroy suit with a roll and monk strap shoes is always considered to be the party season wear.

Wool Trousers 

Those fashion bloggers, as well as the art directors, always love to wear these after jeans. They have been in the industry for years and have been great to style casual and formal accordingly. 

These are usually worn with sneakers with some roll-ups. They tend to look much better when it comes to the traditional outfit. Those Pitti Uomo look great with those brogues, double monks, and Derbies

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Twill Chinos 

You know that old school never gets old as being golden for the whole life. As for wearing the twill chinos, the two important elements are the reliability and style that makes them a pair of exceptional wear. 

Those scuff on the chinos always has a story to tell. When worn, they give that sense of wear that guys are on tour but partying maturely. You could wear them with any shoes along with a t-shirt or some knitwear and an over-shirt or some denim because they are perceived to be casual trousers.

Relaxed-Legged Trousers 

The relaxed-legged trousers work the best for them. These are 1950’s inspired garment as Levi’s 501 cuts that most of the men wear for style while models are hearing up to wear them as well. 

The length would look the best somewhere near the eyelets and on top of the shoe. The contrasting look of these trousers with the rest of the wardrobe would bring you to the spotlight. 

Linen Trousers

12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own by GentWith Blog

Because of the designers’ effort, these trousers could work out now. Those modern leg lines make everybody look flatter. It has no crease on it, making it more practical as being breezy as well. That old-time draper linen suit having some sneakers and a plain t-shirt would be some vibe in the room. 

Drawstring Trousers 

In the last decade, drawstring trousers made their way in the menswear. They usually tend to give that sporty look making them seen as you did not care, which was stupid obviously. These are now tailored in more materials like jersey, although linen and wool tend to be great fabrics for it. There is no going back after trying for once. 

Slimline Joggers 

The athleisure has been considered to be great for both; fashion and function. These catch the eyes in the UK and Stateside. They get super comfortable with joggers while being slim-fit and could be worn anywhere without having you judged anywhere. A logo t-shirt with these is the undefeated style with some bomber jacket. The lace-up trainers with the oxford shirt would sharp the look. 

Cropped Trousers 

Some say that these are ankle swingers because they allow your ankles to breathe during the summer and winter months. These are shorter than the usual trousers, and make sure you give your shoes the time shine. If you consider going for long-length, you might want to consider talking to the tailor, although those 3-4 inches above the ankle are always the safe bet. You could hear them according to your need; casual or formal, anything. The sand-colored ones would look great with white shirts with some white trainers for the casual look, and for a formal look, you may want to go for the black, cropper trousers along with grey blazers and on blood-dress shoes.

Cargo Pants

12 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Own by GentWith Blog

They have made their way back in a more stylish way. It would be better if tailored, and the pockets would look much better if they stay empty. An over-shirt on for the weekend would be great, whereas black cargo trousers could work out with a white oxford shirt with some navy coat.

High-Waisted Trousers 

These have been seen quite much recently. You need to make sure you are wearing these right. It is all about the length and the cut, for that does not use much fabric. Similarly, some great shoes would work out with ankles. They make you feel relaxed, and look stylish with polo or t-shirts. The suede boots or canvas high top would rock with it. 

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Pleated Trousers 

If you are young, you are supposed to try out the pleated trousers because they are back on style now. You need to balance between being fitted and airy. It is important that your trousers are breezy and comfortable but with perfect shoes. Tapered cut with a crop style goes a long way together. A jacket with a white t-shirt even some Cuban collar shirt with some Derbys or white canvas trainers would make a remarkable statement. 

Tracksuit Bottoms 

Tracksuits have been the kind of break from everything that everyone strived for. A side strike trouser style with some tailoring is a good option. Whereas you can wear full nylon giving yourself a 90’s look. Just for the slim cut with some cropped leg. They are considered to be sportswear with some brogues. A t-shirt with some trainers, a bomber, and a dad cap would be the look of the day.


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