It’s Time You Wear the Black Tie Dress Code Like James Bond

The most formal attire are those black ties, dinner dress, the 007 duds and lastly, the tuxedos. By this, it is straight that you would not look better in your formal dress than these. This was considered to be the attire of the high society in Britain in the 1860s. Those casual wears were replaced by suits. The Prince of Wales wore that blue silk smoking jacket with those matching trousers from the tailors of Henry Poole & Co. from Savile Row in 1865. Since that time, fashion has been upgraded a lot and has never lost its charm. No matter how many trends there have been, the tuxedo has never been out of the game. But lately, men have been confused about how to stand out in the formalwear. 

Definition of the Black Tie Dress Code with Rules 

The standard of the formal attire has always been black which means it is always supposed to be like this. There are some guidelines which cannot be ignored at all because you would not look classy without them. The basic is that the black-tie attire always looks great during evening times that is after 6 pm. Whereas black is still less than white toe as well. There are supposed to be the black dinner jacket with matching trousers, you could wear a waistcoat or cummerbunds if you want to, then a formal white shirt along with a black bowtie and those socks and formal shoes

It is made from black wool, the jacket’s lapel and buttons have satin on it whereas a stripe is present at the trousers. You can work something different with your attire and the black-tie is not always supposed to be black, you can go for a midnight blue one which would be much bolder than other colours. Other than that, velvet has been a great texture for tuxedos as well. All you need to do is keep up with these rules while including your style as well. You need to know about your body type, your personality and most significantly, the event you are about to attend. The dress code for the Black tie attire is as follow. 

The Classic Black Tuxedo 

It's Time You Wear the Black Tie Dress Code Like James Bond by GentWith Blog

If there is any chance of being confused, you should always go for black in that case which every man is supposed to tell. The lapel should be a peak or notch as you look fit in your attire and have those black laced leather loafers at the bottom. 

The Blue Tuxedo

It's Time You Wear the Black Tie Dress Code Like James Bond by GentWith Blog

Introduced by Mr James Bond in the Casino Royale, it has been famous since then. If you do not want to wear black tie attire, you could go for the navy tuxedo and it would be equally formal like the black one.

The White Tuxedo Jacket 

It's Time You Wear the Black Tie Dress Code Like James Bond by GentWith Blog

This one is not for everyone. Usually worn in warmer months, it is the best one for extremely formal events. But do not wear it to someone else’s wedding as it would steal the limelight of the groom for sure. 

The Red/Burgundy Tuxedo 

It's Time You Wear the Black Tie Dress Code Like James Bond by GentWith Blog

It has been observed to be making its popularity quite fast amongst the men. You can go all matching suit or even with black trousers with it, but go for those black lace-ups with no belt obviously and have a white shirt along with that chic pocket square. 

The Green Tuxedo 

Green is somehow royal because it comes off as elegant and modern easily. You are supposed to wear it with black trousers with it and have a black bowtie on it because, at the end of the day, it is all about looks. 

The Black Tuxedo & Black Shirt Combination 

When you are looking for some variations in your black attire look, you may go for a black shirt, instead of the white. You can wear a bowtie with both of them and would still look classic, or if you decide to not have a tie at all, you are going to look quite daring. 

Know Your Black Tie & Tuxedo Basics 

Tuxedos & Dinner Jackets 

The jacket is supposed to be of velvet or wool material having no satin or grosgrain on it. The varieties of breasts either single or double are accepted however the former one is still a better option. The peak lapel is famous as it is traditional whereas the shawl collar comes off to be chic and has the right proportions to it. The notch lapel is best for the casual attires. 

Black Tie/Tuxedo Shirts

Having the collar turn down instead of a wing collar is much better for the white shirts. It is supposed to be giving that clean-cut look with those pleats. Wear ruffles with it and have whether a French placket with or a Fly front on it. The doubling on the cuffs is a must. 


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