Polo Shirts Are Not Just for Preppy Jerks; Here’s How Normal Folks Can Wear Them

Polo Shirts Are Not Just for Preppy Jerks; Here’s How Normal Folks Can Wear Them by GentWith Blog

In today’s era, a polo shirt is considered to be timeless as a men’s top. When the tennis pro along with being the original polo engineer Rene Lacoste introduced the polo shirt back in the 1920s by modifying the frump uniform into something chic that the contemporary athletes wore at that time. We are having different styling proceed towards the average between the base layer shirt and a dress shirt which is the timelessness of polo. Now there are ways to wear these polo shirts that are present in the summer wardrobe. 

Know Your Polo Shirt Styles 

These are considered the preppy style polo shirts but it has the sartorial opportunities that are missed out usually. It has quite a versatility in it as you dress up or even dress down to suit it with the event by not having a huge, garish logo or some numbers at its back. The ways to wear it are as follows. Just do not go for the long sleeve polo shirts at all. 

Classic Cotton Polo Shirts 

You should go with the simple cotton and natural fibres polo shirts. These are great for the summer days and nights along with your lady friend. As it is a light breathable polo shirt, it would not have a crease on it and could be found in every colour easily. The best brands are Orlebar Brown, Sunspel, and Bonds for these polo shirts. 

Knitted Polo Shirts 

It is thought as of luxe wear in today’s time because it is created with a jacquard weave so that the shirt could have extra depth to it. Being a retro style short. It has a reverse style collar which is quite small and is worn roomier being kept in shape with those ribbed sleeves and the hem as there is a nice fit at the back because of it. This is where everything counts, those arms and the waist. The texture acts to be a contrast to the neutral colours having those tonal navy looks to it. You could look great in it by wearing a leather jacket on a vintage bike with the gears. The plush knit pumps up because of the shine of the animal skin of the jacket. With long sleeves, it could be worn during winters specifically. 

Linen Polo Shirts 

For a more relaxed look, you can go for the linen polo shirts if you are not comfortable in cotton ones. With the diversion of texture, the brands have been producing linen polo shirts which look ravishing with those linen trousers or even white chinos

Polo Shirts Are Not Just for Preppy Jerks; Here’s How Normal Folks Can Wear Them by GentWith Blog

Polo Shirt & White Trousers/Jeans

The way they are recognised is by the crocodile logo-ed label. These are made of cotton piqué as it offers much elegance and comfort to the ones who wear it. It also gives that chic look to your attire. Now if you have started recently to wear the polo shirts, go for the slim fit ones with the white chinos along with those matching shoes and those dope shades to complete your preppy look which usually looks like the Scandinavian-cool. Do not tuck in your polo and wear fewer accessories with it which is like, no belts or socks at all. 

Polo Shirts & Sweats 

Seen as a sports-luxe in menswear, it is active in the tennis-derived polo plays. Going with those jogger pants is a nice idea whereas, in the summer, one can wear the linen harem pants along with an open neck polo accompanied by the leather sandals which give that comfy look of vacations even if you are not on vacation. 

Polo Shirts & Shorts 

If you are going to the sea, you should pack one or two polos. One should be in pure cotton jersey, which is much softer than the classic pique which levels up your game. The collars tend to give the fedora feel to it along with the split hem but keep them untucked. The melange stripes with bright colour with the navy, white and beige colours head your outfit in a direction. These look the best with some shorts and swim shorts that are the bottoms of choice including some boat shoes, sandals, or even espadrilles.

Polo Shirt & Blazer 

It is produced in merino wool-cashmere fabric having some long sleeves to it while the cut is slim. In the summer days, it is the go-to choice for everyone while at a smart casual event in winter and summers, both. It is soft, breathable and warm which gives the day-off look to it. Have a blazer or some suede bomber over it accompanied by those wide-leg trousers which are cropped as well. Whereas for the formal events, one can go with the two-piece cotton suit with the polo while mixing colours to it as to make a statement of themselves. 

Polo Shirts Are Not Just for Preppy Jerks; Here’s How Normal Folks Can Wear Them by GentWith Blog

Final Polo Shirt Tips & Tricks 

  • There is a difference between tight and fitted, do not go for tight at all because it should look naturally fitting your body without making you look like a poser. 
  • You are not supposed to tuck in your polo shirts because it gives off that preppy look, if important, then go for the half-tuck. 
  • Try not to have a designer’s name it even the garnished logos on it because it is perceived to be tasteless and showy. 
  • For avoiding the nineties look, please fo not wear relaxed or even fitted jeans with it. 
  • A polo shirt looks great in summer, those single-breasted linen suits are considered as an amazing choice. Have an open neck to it while the collar is flared in a retro way having the crispy of a modern take to it. 
  • For the daytime, there should be patterns and colours to it, whereas knitted and neutrals are great for the night time. 
  • For polo, the white sneakers, sandals and loafers are the shoes for it. Other ones kill its vibe, but not if you are wearing it with a suit. 
  • Try not to pop your collar as it is not that hot a lot. 


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