10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets
10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets

10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets

10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets by GentWith Blog

Autumn is considered to be the best time for the grooms to reveal their dapper layers and highlight them in the best way. 

Mixing Patterns 

Some grooms have a great fashion sense, and they tend to add in those subtle patterns to their attire like a vibrant blue herringbone tweed jacket with that checked wool vest having the same colourway to it. 

Fun Textures

There are great textures in the autumn wardrobe like those woolen knits, the suede gloves and whatnot. Those tweed jackets with the leather collars make the whole look more cool and masculine. It looks like a gorgeous feature in the attire. You would see that this staple would be worn in the autumn seasons ahead. 

Unique Combinations 

10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets by GentWith Blog

You would know easily if the groom is great for those bold tweed jackets along with the complementary hues if he wears his debonair at his best. The combination of the deep ocean blue tweed jacket with the bright burning orange vest is something which looks remarkable together. The reasoning of it is that both of these colours compliment each other perfectly without disrupting the balance between the couple. 

Neutrals with Attitude 

It is not important that only if you wear vibrant colours then you could be in the limelight of the event, instead, the groom can go for the neutral palette and still rock his attire game. Wearing that simple brown tweed jacket with that plaid tie in the shades of cream and brown is an astonishing look. 

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Printed Accessories 

Just like the neutral palette attire, a tweed coat can also be very lively with the accessories like that dark green plaid tie and the floral pocket square to it. 

A Man’s LBD 

The wardrobe of a man should be having a couple of staples in it. Those tweed jackets are the best in versatility. You can dress up or down in it and just like the LBD’s, they are a must-have. 

Real Men Wear Plaid 

10 Dashing Grooms in Plaid & Tweed Jackets by GentWith Blog

Those Scottish grooms in their kilts always look quite handsome but if you still want to add in some details, we would say go for the tartan during the ceremony and the reception

Country Chic

If you belong from the countryside, we would say that you should get your fellas in those mismatched wool tweed vest which give that rugged and rural vibe to it. Just have those simple gingham shirts with the dark blue jeans and you would look great for the rustic party wedding. 

Collegiate Cool 

If you want to add in the collegiate cool to the wedding game, we would recommend going for the wool jacket having patch elbows to it. The groom would slay his look while having it in the subtle plaid while his bowtie goes with the wine colour in the pattern. 

Bright & Colourful 

If you want bright colours in your wedding, we would say that the groom should have a bright plaid shirt while matching your colour palette. The bride and groom ca surely wear something which would match their scheme. 


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