Dashing New Looks in Tuxedos for Grooms

Dashing New Looks in Tuxedos for Grooms by GentWith Blog

There are a couple of tuxedo looks that make you look dashing. It is way easier for the grooms to choose their attires as compared to the brides because there are so many trendy things happening all in one time and they do not want to miss a single thing. So when the grooms have to decide for their dresses, it is not so much filled with options as compared to the bride, they have to look over which kind of lapel would they want to have on their tuxedos, would the notch lapel suit, the peak or the shawl collar. What would they prefer, a single or double-breasted jacket? Would they want to go for the dress tails or not. Would they want to wear the best or a cummerbund? Which one would they prefer, a necktie or a bowtie? What kind of studs would they like on their dress shirt and just like that, the categories go on but in less complex form. The grooms try to look their best with the bride and for that, they have a lot of pressure to go through.

Dashing New Looks in Tuxedos for Grooms by GentWith Blog

The options may include where you may want you and your groomsmen to be wearing the same dress while you change the bowtie while your father’s pocket square is different from the rest. You can wear a lined necktie with boutonnières or a simple white necktie and pocket square with boutonnières. You and your groomsmen can wear dress tailcoats with white bowties and pocket squares and different boutonnières to them.

Dashing New Looks in Tuxedos for Grooms by GentWith Blog

You can wear a black bowtie with a polka-dotted pocket square. You can wear a white necktie with boutonnières while the rest of your groomsmen wear black ties with boutonnières and your father wears a black bowtie with boutonnières. You can wear a simple tuxedo with a single breasted jacket while a colourful handkerchief around the neck and boutonnières. 


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