When To Wear a Navy Blue Tie – Ultimate Guide

When To Wear a Navy Blue Tie – Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

Just like the black ties, the navy blue neckties are versatile, classy and timeless as well. But they are a bit formal necktie as compared to the black neckties but they do have that sophistication without going overboard on the occasion. When you wear these navy blue colour, you can sense the confidence, that loyalty and successfulness in you which is a plus point everyone would want. The tips are here to wear navy blue ties. 

Job Interview 

When To Wear a Navy Blue Tie – Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

When it is about the interview, the navy blue tie should be your top pick. By wearing it, you are ensuring yourself to be dressed perfectly and not being overdressed or underdressed. You can match it with a suit and a dress shirt because the navy blue is considered as a neutral colour. These go well with the grey, blue, black, those brown and tan suits. 

Business Setting 

If you want to look versatile, the navy blue necktie is pretty useful for that purpose. Just like the statement above, these go with the majority of the suit colours. The dress shirts in white, yellow, grey, and blue go great with these ties. While for work purpose, the plaid dress shirts are a great start, but sometimes it can be hard to match them. Hence, the solid ties do a better job than the plaid ties, and you would see how easy it gets with these navy blue solid ties.  

First Date 

When To Wear a Navy Blue Tie – Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

When it is the first date, it means to set your first impression on the other person because you never know that she might be the one. So for that, you would need a sense of fashion by wearing the solid navy blue tie along with having a little bit of room for error. But you might not need a navy blue tie on the date. Now if you want to add the navy blue colour to your casual outfit then go for a necktie which is slimmer in its measurement of width and need to have matter finish like cotton or silk. 

Everyday Wear 

You can wear the navy blue tie in your casual outfit and make a statement of your own. Whereas it is pretty much true that it is easy to match. You may need a collared shirt and a pair of jeans to pair it with the navy tie. The width of it needs to be 2.5 to 3 inch of the navy blue tie which would be great for your everyday look. You may want to even add in a subtle stripe or a pattern to it as it would be casual with sophistication. 

Formal Events 

When To Wear a Navy Blue Tie – Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

Not only for the casual look, but the navy blue tie looks great for the formal events as well. When it is a gala or a wedding, you don’t have to wear the black tie only, rather than that, you can still nail your look by wearing a navy blue bowtie, some tone-on-tone patterned tie, the herringbone, and even the elite striped tie which would be great for your formal black suit


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