20 Ways To Use Balloons in Your Wedding Décor

20 Ways To Use Balloons in Your Wedding Décor by GentWith BlogThis misconception should be ended everywhere that the balloons are only for the kids and their birthday parties because they are for the adults as well. Those balloons have always been a sign of some party in childhood. Some of our adult friends love balloons more than the other decors and think that why are the balloons not included as a part of the formal decors as they should be a part of the wedding decors. So some of the people never stop with the balloons in their lives and make their presence at every party of their lives. 

Apart from those cool-adult kids, it is good to bring the brides onboard about this. Not much surprising but they are always pocket friendly as compared to those floral pieces even though the balloons are much unique than flowers because they could be of any colour and in any shape. You can have no limit to being creative with this material, as it is easy in thinking out of the boxes. It could start anywhere and not stop anywhere. It could start from anywhere and end anywhere as well. But there are many ways to introduce the balloons at the wedding decors quite easily. 

20 Ways To Use Balloons in Your Wedding Décor by GentWith Blog

  • Carry a Train of Balloons 

You could easily pose with those celebratory clusters of the balloons. The balloons could be in any colour and in at size while matching with the theme and décor of the wedding. 

  • Go Bright With a Rainbow Installation

This is considered to be the art of work as it is in the rainbow sense. That signature look of Geronimo Balloons is worth to have on your to-do list. Create an arch upon the reception table and everyone would not be able to stop talking about it. 

  • Use Balloons to Adorn the Reception Table 

You need to give in the height by the sprinkling those oversized white balloons in the middle. It is pretty simple with the rustic wooden table and could hide the strings by having the fishing line in the foliage. 

  • Try a Balloon Garland 

Garlands never fail to have those major moments. Just add in those mini balloons and it would not be unnoticed. You could have different tones lines the bright and muted with some flowers and eucalyptus or even some foliage.  

  • Make a Chic Getaway 

You could have a statement-making exit by having those balloons at the back of that vintage car to looking chic. Have those big balloons in pink, white and grey colours. 

  • Get a Creative With a Balloon Wall Backdrop 

It is always the going home big by having that wall made up of balloons. Make sure that you go with the singular pallets which could be pale pink ones. But there could in some big balloon sizes. 

  • Dress Up a Pool With Balloons

Having a pool with those floating white balloons in the summer weddings is a perfect idea as it is modern as well with the poolside bash with those open bar. You can have some floating candles and lightening to it so that it shines even after the dark. 

  • Go Ombré for a Balloon Backdrop

It would look like paper lanterns as this would be the DIY design so no need to worry about anything in it. Those asymmetrical designs having the ombre colours are super great for the photo booth ideas.

  • Match Your Balloons To Your Theme 

Of the couple are party animals then this look is you. You can add tie tassels to the balloons and they can float on the ceiling, just go with the colour palette in it. 

  • Pop ’Em Up Over the Dessert Table 

Having some balloons ok the dessert table would surely enlighten the mood of the guests quite more which would lookout to be a rustic-chic setup for sure. That greenery garland would have a great touch to it. 

  • Ceremony Backdrop 2.0

For the sake of social media, both the partners could pose cosy in front of the backdrop and take pictures. It could be V-shaped or even have a ceremony arch to it, although there are endless options in it. 

  • Make a Splash With a Colourful Hanging Installation 

You can certainly have the rainbow palette even though it is a wedding. The doorway frames at the venue would make it perfect for the photos as the bountiful balloon garland would be present in it. 

  • Make a Memorable Exit 

You should surely consider about how would you exit on your wedding which couple be attaching those trains of balloons in different sizes to your sporty car and take a great picture behind to consider it to put up as your cover photo.  

  • Decorate Your Entrance 

Have the perfect entrance style and make your guests happy with it by adding in those cascade of balloons in it. Have a welcome sign in it and pump the guests to enjoy the wedding. 

  • Make an Impact With Oversized Balloons 

That modern and chic backdrop could be attained by lighting up the marquee letters in your initials on the silver pedestals and add in the oversized white balloons as they would float at different heights for the fun-flair. 

  • Get Your Flower Girls in on the Action 

Having your girls hold onto those tasselled balloons would surely make an entrance down the aisle in your wedding colour theme. It would be stunning as well as the guests’ heartstrings would be pulled by it. 

  • Go Edgy for Cocktail Hour 

The oversized, chic and edgy balloons in the black tulle at different heights at the oceanside give the Gothic look at the cocktail hour. It surely does have a romantic vibe to it as well. 

  • Mix in Fresh Greenery 

The addition of white balloons hanging by the strings with fresh greenery to it at the reception always looks magical. It surely has a great impact on the guests of the wedding as the balloons are really big. 

  • Try a Non-Traditional Centrepiece 

Going for the simple vases with greenery and balloons floating in rows with the gold garland as centrepieces are the best choices. For this, the white latex or giant orb balloons work the best but make sure to talk about it with you wedding planner. 

  • Create a Floor-to-Ceiling Balloon Installation 

Having the balloons placed at the back of the desert table from the floor to the ceiling are the perfect looks, specifically when there are vibrant colours added to it like bright pink, yellow, orange. A wall of balloons near the cocktail lounge with the lawn games would always look absolutely fabulous. 


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