4 Must-Have Jackets for Guys

4 Must-Have Jackets for Guys by GentWith.com Blog

Black Leather Jacket

4 Must-Have Jackets for Guys by GentWith.com Blog

Nothing in the wardrobe can beat a men leather jacket, that too in black colour. It is quite versatile and classic. It was seen in the 1900s in the aviators and the military people mostly by the German Airforce back in World War 1. If you intend to buy something this much rebellious, it is pretty expensive but worth the buy. You would see that a black leather jacket always has a long term relationship with fashion. There are plenty of styles in leather jackets which are Biker Jackets, Field Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Racer Jackets, Flights Jackets, and Faux Leather Jackets. Whereas on the other hand, the best brands to go for the black leather jackets include Belstaff, Cromford, Schott NYC, AllSaints, H&M, Norton, Saint Laurent, Zara, Acne, Mango, Real McCoy’s, Reiss, and Lewis Leathers. You would not want to dry clean them locally, wear it in the rain, you would not need to buy a new one too soon. Although you would want to buy the jacket which suits you while doing it correctly and go neutral to it. 

Olive Bomber Jacket 

4 Must-Have Jackets for Guys by GentWith.com Blog

This is the kind of jacket that mostly every man owns and has in his wardrobe these days. It is mostly short in length than the usual ones, a button-up with those cropped hems and the knitted cuffs to it. When a person wears it, it gives a very different attitude to him and adds some versatility to his personality. The celebrities have also worn them on-screen like Ryan Gosling and Marlon Brando. It is not so much heavy like a coat is usually and when one wears it, it is just another layer which adds in cosiness to the outfit. Made for the military means, now it has become a great trend for the popular culture. There are plenty of designs of the olive green jacket which include A-1, A-2, G-1, MA-1, Irvin Flying Jacket College/Varsity Jacket and the Modern Bomber Jacket. You would want to look classy in it while staying minimal in it, wear the contrasting shades to it and may even want to experiment with tailoring. The best styles that go for this jacket are Olive Minimal MA-1, Leather, Suede, Varsity Jacket and Statement. 

Blue Denim Jacket 

If you want to add in a casual versatile option in your wardrobe, you may want to go for the blue denim jacket. It just all depends on how you wear it with your outfit under the blue denim. Some say that there is a certain way to wear and rock these blue types of denim in which you can wear it with chinos because it looks smart and formal other say that to make a classic pairing with the blue denim, one may want to go for it with a white t-shirt underneath it. The footwear should be joggers because there are no hard and fast rules in it anyways. You can go for the black jeans, and if not those, then you can go for the indigo ones because they are great like them. For another look, you may want to go for the shirt and a tie look because it gives you a bit semi-formal look to you which is not bad at all for your work as well. You can wear it with a hoodie as well because it acts as a natural sparring partner with it. If you want to minimise your look, you may want to go for tailored trousers. You can even rock your blue denim with a roll neck or even go for the overcoat or the topcoat which should be slim fit onto your body. 

Brown Trucker Jacket 

This jacket is considered to be a stylish casual outfit which was introduced back from the USA Levi Strauss & Co. for the cowboys and those outdoor workers for the durability of it along with the ruggedness to it. This jacket has a very iconic value in the wardrobe of the men. These brown trucker jackets are also versatile and could be worn with the t-shirts, the trousers, the jeans, the sneakers, the hat and those beanies. One can wear a brown trucker jacket with a sweater or jumpers, with a white polo t-shirt, a plain cotton t-shirt, with a black shirt and pants, and also with a black shirt. You would want to contrast your outfit with your brown trucker jacket. To give that decent look, you may want to tuck your shirt or untuck to give that casual vibe. For the footwears, the sneakers and loafers or even those edgier boots for the winters are great. The slim fit or straight pants are way better than the baggy ones with it. And lastly, you may want to be considerate about your fitness of your jacket so that it looks super nice on you. 


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