A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look
A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look

A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look

A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look by GentWith Blog

The tailors did not like having a tie on the suit recently but the neckties have their way of making a statement throughout all the centuries. But as fashion changes from time to time, we try to stay up-to-date with it. So the chap from the modern-day could nail his look by looking professional and cool, both at the same time without any effort which becomes easy for him to go from his board meeting to the bar without any issues regarding his outfit. To pull off your attire like that, we have the guide for it. 

How To Wear a Business Suit Without a Tie 

A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look by GentWith Blog

Initially, you need to understand that wearing a suit without a tie and taking a tie after the whole day from office is not the same thing at all. Having no toe with the suit looks like a commitment to your look and taking off the tie after the whole day is a later thought. This difference has quite an importance. 

You would want to go for the basics initially like you can wear a navy suit with a crispy white plain shirt. You look more casual even in the office and do not forget to go for the best fabric for the shirt which would give that luxurious look to your outfit. The sateen finished shirt would look remarkable as having heavy weave in it would help to have not much crease on it. Do not button up your top button because by that you look sharp as hell for sure. The undershirt is never supposed to peak out of your shirt at all. 

How To Wear a Casual Suit Without a Tie

A Suit Without A Tie Will Earn You the Sharpest Casual Look by GentWith Blog

You can easily pull off a suit without a tie because that is not tough at all but needs to be done well. But you would want to keep some points in your mind so that you look great and sharp in it instead of looking like a sloppy person. 

Firstly, pay attention to what kind of suit you are wearing as if you are going for a light cotton suit, a poplin plain shirt would be much nice with it. The balancing between the fabrics is supposed to be equal so that the other elements of the suit do not clash at all. Do not try to add much colour to it and keep it mute and simple like going for a taupe suit along with the pale blue plain shirt which would look as marvellous like the olive suit with the plain white shirt would. Moreover, you would even want to consider the style of the suit which means digging into more details like the patch pockets and the twill fabrics. The Suit Supply provides a variety of options just like P.Johnson and Steve Caldera. 

The less of a structure of a jacket of the suit with the shirt would be, you would want to go unlined because your collar might slip under that lapel. You would not want to have collar stay because they make it heavy which leads the collar to weigh down eventually along with dry cleaning and iron a crease in the collar. By this, it would not fly away and would remain its placed with the same polish no matter what. 

How To Wear a Double Breasted Suit Without Tie 

When you are wearing a double-breasted suit, you are making a bold statement just by wearing it and not everyone can carry it. By adding a sans tie to it, it could soften the tone which would look like the right stylistic splash. 

While considering a double breaster, you would want to go for the one in a lighter fabric like linen or cotton. The Neapolitan tailoring would be great around the shoulders because you would not look like the fat cat because of the style of jacket as it would go with it. After that, the shirt needs to have a high collar on it which would sit above the lapel of the jacket. The jacket is also supposed to be buttoned up as the colours would be highly contrasted with each other and the suit would pop eventually. Keeping this in mind, you can have bolder prints like the candy-stripes or the self-checks. 

How To Accessorise a Suit Without a Tie 

Apart from the tie, you can still give detail to your suit. Even though it would look pretty straight simple but you would have a luxe finishing touch to it like the watch or the pocket square from which your personality would be described in one way or another. 

The watch or a bracelet at the end of the sleeve would make your suit like a casual one which is good most of the times. You would want to go for the Cartier Love bracelet which would easily lit things up for you. 

You can introduce some colour to your outfit through the pocket square and the lapel pins specifically when you are wearing the navy suit with the white plain crispy shirt. The colours like pink, orange or green are the sensational contrast for the suits. 

Your footwear is supposed to match the formality of your suit. You would want to go more casual without a tie and for that have some colourful socks with the black Brogues. The thing is that you can always look great in a suit even without a suit and by this, you get to explore some different dimensions of different elements especially the footwear. While going casual, you can wear the loafers or even the sneakers which would look a more urban and avant-garde edge.  Do not wear socks with these and the length of the trousers is supposed to be short as the hem needs to skim the top of your foot. 


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