5 Mens Casual Wear Outfits to Work From Home

Mens Casual Wear Outfits to Work From Home
Get Up and Get Dressed – Look Good in Lock-down

Pre-COVID 19 a three-piece suit is the talk of the town. A man in a suit is much appreciated for work but within the confines of your home, we believe this overwhelming. Ever since mens casual wear and dad style has taken a rise in men fashion, denim has been the new dressing up style to take on the work from the home pandemic.

Yes, people have amassed quite a collection of sweats, sneakers, and pajamas as they continue to work from home. This even owes to the goal of being comfortable as they commute from bedroom to the living room for work. But we firmly believe in dressing work-you have to distinguish from home-you. You might be able to see your bed from where you’re working, but that doesn’t mean you should be dressed for in a sleeping suit all the time?

We are documenting for you the WFH looks. Each one of the mens casual outfit ideas strikes the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and style. Below are 5 mens casual wear wardrobe staples that are must be needed for this pandemic time. And remember, when you get up in the morning to work from home, don’t just get dressed. Dress up for the day.

Mens Casual Wear – 5 Staple Work From Home Outfits

1. A Smart/Casual Blazer

Blue Slim Fit Striped Blazer by GentWith.com with Free Worldwide Shipping

If you like keeping yourself embraced in a formal outfit, it can become challenging to find an at-home alternative. The idea here is to pick the pieces that are familiar with the same type but are more relaxed. A suit jacket can not be the choice here, rather one in the less formal fabric gives the benefit of smart of comfort.

The Oakland Blue Slim Fit Striped Blazer shown above is a pure wool flannel from Gentwith. Created with the fabric of the finest quality, and lightweight enough to keep you relaxed. Put up this impeccable blazer when you need to be in for a meeting.

Pair it With – Pair it with jeans or chinos and a shirt of polo T-shirt. You’ll add a brushed finish to your casual work outfit.

2. A Casual Yet Smart Shirt

Blue Slim Fit Cotton Shirt by GentWith.com with Free Worldwide Shipping

If your day doesn’t involve doing face-time with boss or others, maybe keeping the blazer off your shoulders can be safe. But let’s stick to the smart mens casual wear ideas. The alternative is a shirt – sleek, not casual, not formal, but the perfect in-the-middle spot. Yes, we know there are plenty of choices, but consider the suggestion below.

Our Madison Blue Slim Fit Cotton Shirt is the shirt that can be the essential piece to our mens casual wear outfit ideas list. You can, of course, choose between colors and patterns. You can use this shirt as an over-shirt, exactly the one that you wear on top of your T-shirt.

Pair it With – Either button it up and roll up your sleeves or keep one or two buttons down. Pair it with good looking shorts or smart trousers.

3. A Polo Shirt

Slim Fit White Polo Shirt by GentWith.com with Free Shipping


Working from home during the pandemic is going to keep you free from following policies of looking polished at all times. But looking less appealing is also not our interest. The kicker is to keep yourself topped up along with your work table. The inevitable can happen and you might need to venture out, maybe just to the street corner.

In this situation the charm of a Slim Fit Polo Shirt is undeniable. Don’t let our mens casual wear outfit ideas go to waste and get yourself some neutral shade of polos. It’s the polo of choice for the man who’s in control of his look as well as the situation in hand.

Pair it With – A smart trousers, short, or even denim jeans. Your choices become countless with this top piece of mens casual outfit choices.

4. A Smart Trouser

Navy Blue Slim Fit Striped Pants by GentWith.com with Free Worldwide Shipping

Continue the effort of looking casual yet smart with sleek slim-fit trousers. When you dress up and look like you could go out almost, it’s like you’re likely to do it. We’re not suggesting that you put a formal pair of pants while working from home, but what we’re saying is that don’t let the bottom piece make you feel any less motivated.

The talk of the town these days is the Slim Fit Striped Pants from Gentwith. The pinstripe is the hot favorite by so many fashionable men. It may look like a formal pant as shown in the picture, but the touch of stretch and brushed finish makes it entirely comfortable and at top of the agenda: mens casual wear outfit ideas.

Pair it With – Pick an option from any of the three choices above and keep on shuffling the pieces. You’ll get the picture perfectly right.

5. A Pair of Fine Loafers

GentWith Pierre Brown Kilt Loafers (2)

How can we miss out on the walking buddies when we’re talking about the entire work from home outfits for men. Don’t even think about sitting in your slippers and feel that you’re smartly dressed. We understand Oxfords aren’t needed here, but Loafers are…

Choose on your color and style, but these Pierre Brown Kilt Loafers are the right definition of comfort, style, and hassle-free wearable.

Pair it With – You have the right to wear them with any outfit whatsoever. You’ll look dressed, styled, and ready to be on your toes!

Let’s call this mens casual wear outfits to work from home wardrobe staple! We spend time picking the best mens fashion wear pieces from our collection and putting them together for your understanding and knowledge. Go to the online store and shop what you like, but do come back and comment to tell us what you loved.

We’re here to listen to you!

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