Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online
Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online by GentWith Blog

This is a fact that a suit is a must for a man for once in his life. It could be for work for business deals, for wedding and even to appear in court regarding any matter. As fashion has grown a lot in the past two decades, you would observe that the markets have been shifted to the digital media with those tailoring services as well. This means that you do not need to go in for the measurements so that you could get your suit done on time. However, on the other hand, digital media has its cons as well. You might not get those exact measurements, the kind of fabric and construction you want while you sit behind your laptop screen as compared to the ones where you are present for the matter itself. So while you shop online, you might want to want to consider the following pointers before time. 

But First, Measurements

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online by GentWith Blog

The initial point is to know about your measurements completely, not the height. So grab a measuring tape at first. Start from the Chest going from one armpit to the other while you go around your torso like carrying a towel only if you had man boobs. Have the measurements at the front for having appropriate numbers. The next is the Waist for which you would put the tape around your waist at the point where your pants are usually. Give the distance of two fingers while measuring so that your legs can have their comfort level at least. After the measurement, it would be better to measure one of your comfortable trousers for confirmation related to the measurements. You might need a tailor to go around those alterations in case. 

Know Your Fit & Size 

To describe your style, there are three categories defined for this purpose, including a Classic Fit, a Modern Fit and a Slim Fit. You need to know about your body shape for this because a suit is good so that the natural lines of the man’s body could perfect no matter how of a body shape he has. The rules for the fits are as follows. 

Slim Fit: When one goes for the slim fit, you can see that this fit sits perfectly over the body of the man with those features being trimmed down like the lapel and the leg openings. The length of the blazer is short so that the could appear a bit taller than usual. It mostly suits over simmer men having some light builds on them. 

Modern Fit: Some of the elements are similar to the Slim Fit but in this, there is more room for breathing. The shoulders are narrowed down along with the armholes being a bit higher like the Slim fit. It suits mostly over the medium build men. 

Classic Fit: You are supposed to wear this fit in that traditional crowd mostly because it is considered as a powerful suit like the corporate one. There is many areas around the shoulders and the torso and it looks great over the men who have bigger frames on them.  

Be Realistic & Alter As Necessary

While buying online, you would want to go for the ready-to-wear category for sure. But that does not mean that it would be perfect because would be some room for alterations and that is nothing that you need to be worried about. The areas for alterations may include the ones described below. 

Shoulders: Them being the framework of the suit, you would this part to be perfectly fit on you. When buying inline, different brands offer different cuts and when you wear them, you would want the shoulders to be going according to the actual ones and not more than them while the jacket is buttoned up. 

Chest: The blazer would be needed to be flat while staying in its shape on your torso no matter how you wear it. You would want the natural body lines to be noticeable around your waist. So it is the best to contour it down for you. 

Lapels: These look good when they are pressed against your chest. You would not want a gap while you button up because your chest would seem to be too tight. The other rule is that the thickness of the tie and the lapel should be equal. 

Sleeves: Just like the whole fit of the suit, the sleeves should fit as well. Wither you would look like an old man or it would appear quite baggy. The length and girth should be set by your tailor accordingly. It looks better when it is above the wristband while showing off the dress shirt underneath it a bit. 

Buttons: If gone wrong, this small detail can ruin your look. They should be looking flat while no bulges to be at your waist because then it would be pulling which you do not want. 

Trousers: If they are coming at the bottom of the suit, they are still important. The cut and length are significant in it. Slim trousers are for the slim suits while in general, it would be better to have the length above the shoe in the front and a bit lower at the back. By this, it would not look much baggy and the socks would not much show off as you sit. 

Waistcoats: By wearing these, it adds up a level to your personality game and as they have a strap to adjust, they are far kore better than anything. But you would still want the buttons to match with the blazer and leave the last one undone. 

Fabric & Pattern Choice

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Suit Online by GentWith Blog

In this, your style is revealed and it is according to the season. You would want to go for solid colours while buying online as patterns and pinstripes are hard to see through the monitor screen. Those solid navy, grey, linear check and even the Window pane patterns are so far best for them. Wear the wool during the winter and linen during the summer. The fabric weight is not described by the online suit retailers so choose accordingly. 

Polish It Off

You would want to enhance your look by the pocket square, the knitted toe once you are done buying the suit online. Those tie pins and collar pins could be a great choice as well but do not go too much for them. While everything else, belts are also great these days with those dress shoes


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