Five Mens Suit Styles You Need
Five Mens Suit Styles You Need

Five Mens Suit Styles You Need

Mens Suit Styles

As much as the ladies world rock, men’s fashion, and especially formal wear is evolving faster. Maybe faster than it ever has. That’s certainly exciting, and this is what Gentwith is all about. The entire wardrobe of men is laid out online with exquisite quality and unmatched tailoring. And today we’re putting up the mens suit guide to tell you about the “Mens suit styles” you should own to keep rocking.

Since the trends are changing. It becomes a hassle in coping with the trends and to look fashionably style. We believe: in the end, there’s one important thing and that is simply to look your best. So we say, “We’ll bring the looks, You bring the party”. However, with just a few well-placed tweaks, it’s easy to bring out the inspiring you in a suit.

REMEMBER: The most important factor is, the fit of your suit. Anything ill-fitting, whether it’s the jacket or the pants, it’s going to drag down your look. Use our guide below as you cheat sheet to keep up with the ever-changing trends. And you’ll still catch all the light!

Basic Guide to Mens Suit Styles, Type, Fit, and Details

The breakdown is simple; choose any of the following dress suits for men, pick a color, and buy it from Gentwith. You’re all set to be anywhere and everywhere.

Slim Fit Suit

Navy Blue Slim Fit Wool Suit by with Free Shipping

Just how quality workout takes away that extra fat from your body, mens slim fit suits trim away the hanging fabric. As a result, you get a stylish and contoured look. These men’s suits are narrow at the chest and waist, so even an ordinary male who doesn’t have an athletic build can pull off the slim fit look. The entire look is more of a casual fashion-style look, fit for every occasion or event from a wedding to interviews, and high-end or casual dinners, and parties. These mens suit styles are the always talk of the town.

The Business Suit

Brown Slim Fit Patterned Suit by with Free Shipping

When you don’t want to overthink and at the same time cannot pull off the slim fit suit look, a classic fit business suit is the way to go. It’s comfortable in feel but doesn’t exude the heightened sartorial sensibility either. This is the most popular men’s suit and provides the right amount of space for breathing and just the adequate of tightness. It is certainly called ’’classic” for nothing. Just pick the right accessories and buy our business suits for men and you can be ready from Monday to Friday for just about any occasion.

The Dinner Suit

If you get black-tie invitations a lot, you will want to look at your top invariably. That is the time for you to get your hands on our formal suits for men. Maybe you don’t get the invitation to such an event, but if the jacket is slim and tailored right, you could wear it with jeans and a T-shirt for a night out. And we won’t miss out on how important a tuxedo is – one tux can get you all the hits and likes!

Single Breasted Suit

Single Breasted Suit

Among all the suit design for men, the single-breasted men’s suit is the most current. With so many types of men’s suit, it can get confusing – look for one, two, or three buttons along the seam to spot one. Yes, you can call a slim fit suit, the business suit, and even the dinner suit as the single-breasted suit. These three types of suits are what most men wear to work and even events. You can pair these suit with notch lapels.

Double Breasted Suit

Gray Slim Fit Double Breasted Suit by with Free Worldwide Shipping

So, in contrast to the single-breasted men’s suit, this type includes additional buttons on either side of the jacket. The number of buttons can range from four to eight and the max can be six. Such suits are designed to give a feel of a wider frame and suitable for the men who want to give the illusion of being broad. A versatile double-breasted suit in a dark color can go for everyday rotation, cocktail parties weddings.

Attention to Details is the Secret To Mens Suit Styles

We believe in magic and that’s exactly what we add to our collection of men’s suits at Gentwith. It might sound a lot, but it’s true. At Gentwith the magic is believed as the quality of the fabric with professional tailoring. So, from picking the finest quality fabric to crafting the most comfortable and refreshingly easy to wear lightweight suits, we put in our expert perspective into every stitch and style of the suits.

And that’s all: laid back men’s suits that are designed to feel and look great and even better. From all those working weeks to the wedding of the year, to weekend parties and black-tie events-dress up or dress down Gentwith men’s suits, and make the most of every occasion that comes your way.

BONUS TIP: Your suit style is your comfort and your call. But like anything in life, there’s always time to go big, and time to restrain a little. In all these times, your suit color will set the stage for your accessories to play their role.

  • Medium Grey is the most versatile color. You can never go wrong with a grey suit and any (Believe it when we say “any”) color code in accessories.
  • Charcoal and Dark Grey is the color when you want to be taken seriously and can replay it for any event or occasion.
  • Last but not least: Black men’s suit and a Navy blue suit! Go and get your ball rolling. The cart is empty and is just a click away.

Shop with Gentwith for the Best Mens Fashion Suits

In Gentwith online, you will find a variety of men apparel including the accessories. Although a lot is going on, the quality is not compromised in any of the products. We offer a huge collection of men’s pant suit, from casual suits for men to three piece suit for men. Men’s wardrobe is never complete without a suit, so if there’s ever a time to get dressed up, call it this time. From getting festive with friends to the events, browse our collection and ORDER NOW

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