Suspenders 101 – Ultimate Guide by GentWith

Suspenders 101 - Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

For men, belts are not always workable for them, and so for that, the saviours are the pair of suspenders which are quite stylish, practical and even much comfortable than a belt. They have the characteristic of being versatile as well. You can wear it in any kind of occasion be it formal or casual because they have quite varied in it like the patterns, the fabrics and the colours. So if you want to get the best pair of suspenders and how to set them on your pants, we would guide you.


There are two shapes in which suspenders are produced, the x-back and the y-back. The classically designed y-backs are more common whereas the x-backs give more of a heavy-duty on it like to give support. The styles of attachments of the suspenders are different but the clips and buttonholes are the main types of it. When there is a buttonhole, then there is a formality as the pants need to be secured. Other than that, the clip-on could be used with any kind of pants


The suspenders have five main types in it which include business, black tie, fashion, work and the undergarment one. The details regarding the colour, style, shape, thickness, fabric itself in each suspender are different than the others. 

Business Suspenders 

Suspenders 101 - Ultimate Guide by GentWith Blog

There can be two categories considered in this which are casual and dress. The standard for both these categories is in y-shape and the measurement of the straps of the suspenders lie between 1.25 to 1.5 inches in width. For the difference, the colour, pattern and clips do the job. The buttonhole attachments are present on the business dress in those neutral, dark and even solid colours like black, tan and navy. On the other hand, the business casual has clips on them sometimes and have many patterns in it with bright colours. 

Black Tie Suspender 

These suspenders look like the business suspenders and have the same measurement of 1.25 to 1.5 inches in width along with the buttonholes. These are usually produced in black r white colour and the fabric of them is silk and anything else except elastic. 

Fashion Suspenders 

These suspenders are different as these are more for looks and less about the actual purpose of them. They measure between 0.5 to 1inch in width and are present in the y-backs. They have a huge variety regarding the patterns and the colours along with the solids, the polka dots, the zebra print and anything which could come in fashion. Their fabric is elastic but is also present in silk, polyester and similar other fabrics. 

Undergarment Suspenders 

These are mostly considered to be used for the main purpose and that is to give in support which means they have the x-back style to it.  These are pretty much thick and measure around 2 inches in their width. As the name gives in the hint, these are worn under the shirts. The huge man can hold their slacks because of these suspenders which is a plus point to it. 

Work Suspenders 

When you wear suspenders, you do not wear belts with it, that is the sole rule of it. But when it comes to the work suspenders, you can wear your belt with it as well. The purpose of them is to hold up your working pants as a tool on the belt might be heavy which might be the reason for weighing down the pants. Their job is to handle the weight which makes them the heavy-duty controllers in the job site and because of this, the fabric of them is either leather or cotton. 

As everything is clear to you now, you would have a clear idea of which suspenders would suit you the best regarding the occasions you are about to attend, be it formal or casual. So now if you feel like nothing is saving you from pants sagging low, do not forget to get yourself a pair of suspenders and save yourself from the distress of belts. 

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