Tie Glossary – Ultimate Guide

Tie Glossary - Ultimate Guide by GentWith.com Blog

If you observe enough, you would see a difference between a tie bar and a tie chain. Over here, we would guide you about them with more details. 

Band Collar Bow Tie

This one is considered to be a pre-tied bow. It has an adjustable band on it which secures the tie and goes around the wearer’s neck. 

Batwing Bow Tie

This tie has flat and straight ends to it which are not tapered along with it. It is the type of self-tie style which is available mostly and it is known as the slim or straight bow tie. 

Big Butterfly or Jumbo Butterfly Bow Tie 

The larger size of the butterfly tie is the jumbo butterfly bow tie. The shape of it is traditional and it is same but larger. 

Bolo (Bola) Tie

This is produced from the leather cord piece in which the tie adjusts and settles in the ornamental pin itself. In this category, the metal tips are more usually seen on ends and is a famous style in the west. It is even stated to be the official state tie of not only Arizona but Texas and New Mexico as well. It is also known as a Shoe/string tie. 

Bootlace Ties

These ties have another name as bolo ties. 

Bow Tie 

Tie Glossary - Ultimate Guide by GentWith.com Blog

The style of it consists of a bow around the neck. These are either self-tied or even tied by the wearer. These usually come in different styles and shapes. 

Butterfly Bow Tie 

The most famous style of the bow tie is the butterfly one. It joins from tip to tip, having isosceles triangles on it and a knot right in the centre so that they could be held together. 

Button Up Suspenders 

These are the suspenders of the pants which are attached to the buttonhole itself. The buttons are supposed to be sewn on the inside of the waist of the pants so that they are secure and hidden. 

Clip-On Suspenders 

These are the suspenders which have the metal clips secured in the pants. There are either three or four clips on it but it all depends on the style if it. 

Clip-On Tie 

There is a metal or plastic clip attached to it at the back of the pre-tied necktie or bowtie. It is attached to the shirt collar but there is no loop around the neck itself.

Contemporary Tie 

The measurement of this tie is not much wide like the standard one but instead, it has 3.25 inches in width to it. The millennials find it appropriate for their business wear while they are mostly as uniform ties because they can easily complement both men and women equally. 

Continental Tie

The crossover tie is also named as the continental tie. The name is usually regarded as women’s uniform wear whereas the tie itself is known as a southern gentlemen’s formal neckwear but the style of them are the same. 

Crossover Tie 

It is the style where the bow tie has a snap or button in the front of the tie. The ends of the tie would cross over each other and that is where it got its name. These are highly seen in the uniforms of girls and women specifically the school ones. Although, these could be worn by the men. The well-known guy to wear these ties was Elvis Presley. 

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This is considered to be as a fashionable piece in men wardrobe. The purpose of it is to secure the cuffs on the dress shirt when it is buttoned up. But that does not mean it suits with every dress shirt. The dress shirt having french cufflink to it suits this piece on it. If you want to secure the cuffs of the dress shirt, you can attach it with the button of a cufflink to it. 


This is a sash which is pleated along the waist with the tuxedo or the single-breasted dinner jacket. The style of them is more suited if it has a bow tie on it. The pleats of the cummerbunds are faced up. The pleats used to have small pockets which held the tickets of opera or theatre in it. 

Diamond-Tip Bow Tie 

This tie has angular lines to it which make that diamond shape at its ends. These have the pre-tied and the self-tie styles to it. 

Extra Long Tie

The length of it is longer than the usual ones which are better for the tall and big body types. Their measurement is around 63-67 inches in length from tip to tip. 

Flat End Tie 

The straight edge instead of the pointed tip and the end is the flat end tie. These are seen in the knit ties and these are not wider than 3 inches themselves. 

Floppy Bow Tie 

It is more vertical instead of horizontal and are much famous in the uniforms of women but are also great for men as well. 

Freestyle Bow Tie 

The other word for the freestyle bow tie is a self-tie bow tie or tie it yourself. 


Usually made of cotton, this is a helmed fabric which is either in the front or the back of the pants pocket or the inside pocket of the coat. It is the replacement of the tissue. The purpose of it is decoration and it is different than the pocket square. 

Keeper Loop

The necktie has an extra piece of fabric at the backside of it and it keeps the tail in its place after it is tied. It is mostly different than the tie label. 

Kentucky Colonel Tie 

It has a slim bow on it with tie tails hanging to it. It is also called a southern bow tie or a string tie. 

Narrow Tie 

It measures about 3 inches in width and it works great for men, women and teens. 

Novelty Tie  

This tie has many types of images on it and is worn for casual purposes whereas it is completely inappropriate for the professional settings. 

Pre-Tied Tie 

This is already tied and worn on the shirt collar with a strap, band or a clip. 

Rounded Club Blow Tie 

It is not much popular style of the bowtie. It has round ends to it. 

Self Tie Bowtie 

The wearers wear this tie themselves and are the right fit for their necks. 

Skinny Tie 

It is usually 2 inches wide. It could usually end up between 1-3 inches in their width. 

Standard Tie 

It is about 57-58 inches long and it is 3.5-4 inches wide in its measurements. 

Tie Bar

The purpose of it is to avoid the tie from swinging and making it hang straight. These ate worn from top to the bottom of the tie. It is also known as a tie clip. 

Tie Chain

The purpose of them is to hold the toe in its place. The clip of metal is attached to the shirt as the chain is on the top of the necktie itself and is worn on top of the tie. 

Tie Knot 

When you tie a tie, there is a knot formed and there are approximately 177,147 ways to tie the knots.  The common ones are four in hand, Windsor, half Windsor and Pratt knot. 

Tulip Bow Tie 

It looks like a tulip and is worn by women usually. It has a pearl in the centre of it and is widely used in uniforms. 

Wide Tie 

This tie has width more than 4 inches and it is not seen in today’s time because these were popular back in the mid 20th century. 

Zipper Tie 

When you wear this tie, it is a standard tie which is pre-tied. Although the sipper in the tail of the tie makes the collar expand quickly and fit onto the head without even having to tie the knot itself. 


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