Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner
Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner

Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner

Nothing would beat the pocket squares for giving the ultimate finishing touch to the whole attire at once. They have been representing class and elegance from the start and still to this day as well. As time passed, there were improvements and innovations in their designs along with styles and is not considered to be a piece of art. The designers have been trying to experiment with dying and printing techniques making pocket squares as ubiquitous. 

Now if everyone would be going for that, how would one be able to stand out of the crowd and make a statement of your own. For that, we have come up with a guide which would help you differentiate between the styles and how to wear that elegant piece to its best. 

Wearing a Pocket Square With a Suit 

Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner by GentWith Blog

You cannot splash the ultimate sartorial just by putting on a dress on yourself. It is a bit opposite of that. When going for a business matter, the pocket squares are the perfect element to go for and if you want your style to be highlighted, you may want to go for those patterned ones even though it may look flamboyant. 

As some of them adore paisley, one can work with it as you start by having a classic suit on yourself which could be great with the ties. But for some reason, you would want to be different than everyone in the room. Now if paisley is not your thing, it would be better to look into those geometric graphics or prints because they give you that the better look than those plainer suits and that striped tie. 

It would be remarkable if you think of complimenting the colours with the suit. If you are wearing a white dress shirt, that bright pink colour would be eye-catching and calm the eyes of others while they would look at you. The warmer and bolder tones and patterns would be recommended while wearing a grey suit as being the point of interest in your attire. 

Wearing a Pocket Square With a Tuxedo 

Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner by GentWith Blog

While wearing a tuxedo, one would want to go for those simple versions of the pocket squares. Once you buy that ivory silk kerchief, you could wear it again and again on multiple occasions. They would available ok Tom Ford to complete your look. 

On the other hand, you can even go for the jacquard pocket squares. These are well-worn mostly on the extreme formal occasions and are the show stoppers because the fabric is stiff and they work the best as they are folded neatly into that Presidential style. That silver peeping out of your breast pocket would be the look of the evening for sure. 

Wearing a Pocket Square With a Blazer 

Pocket Squares Can Turn Your Boring Suit Into a Sartorial Stunner by GentWith Blog

Having a pocket square is mostly the fun combination out of all. You can wear this to the races or even for the drinks and people would turn their heads around just to stare you. You can easily experiment here as there is nothing to be afraid of as you wear that plain white or blue shirt. 

If the season is summers, then those linen pocket squares would be nice. The fabric would add in the decency of the Hamptons while you wear a light coloured jacket. Those checked jackets with the floral prints would break the geometry of the look. Not only do you have to think about it, but you also need to know how to fold it as well. That crown fold style or the casual fold style would be suggested because both of them are bold styles. 

Wearing a Pocket Square At a Wedding

By adding in that pocket square, your jacket would be ideal and perfect due to it. Wear those chinos with the navy blazer and that white shirt of yours, add in that bold kerchief so that you are ready to rock and roll on the wedding. 

While choosing a pocket square, you need to be clear about a fact that not all of the versions of kerchief are equal. The kerchief should have rolled hem on it having that infinite edge to it. You can even go for those printed ones, whereas if you buy the cheaper ones, they would be hard to fold in specifically if you want to go for a casual style. The kerchief could be stitched in the breast pocket before as well. But you may want to go for it on the other looks as well. 

Wearing a Pocket Square At Work 

If you do not want to wear those picket squares, you can go for the pain handkerchief instead because they are considered to be a corporate style as well. You can look for Zac Efron and Tom Hiddleston for this style as they gave a block-coloured pocket square with presidential folds so that they have a great impact on them. 

You can overpower your attire by just adding in a pocket square to it yet the crisp of the white styles or even the coloured borders make it easier to wear it every day. If you want to have an idea, go have a look of Don Draper. Your handkerchief could be made up of wool, tweed, the starchy cotton or even the sumptuous silk. The pocket square and the handkerchief are hard wearing and are well-worn with a lined and structured jacket. 


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